Marksman Rifles in Battlefield 2042

The velocity and damage output of the designated Marksman Rifles is pretty high. The designated Marksman Rifles have a high fire rate that helps you to counter the enemies quickly. You can unlock these rifles at different ranks.

Marksman Rifle NamesDescription
DM7The DM7 is a semi-automatic shotgun that fires rounds at 300 RPM. It holds 15 rounds in its magazine and has a partial reload time of 2.85 seconds and an empty reload time of 2.43 seconds. Its bullets have a velocity of 680 meters per second and a 9.81 meter per second bullet drop. The DM7 inflicts 35 – 26 damage and takes 401.338 – 602.007 milliseconds to kill an enemy.
VCARThe VCAR is a semi-automatic rifle that you can unlock at rank 47; it has a magazine capacity of 30 rounds and fires at 450 rounds per minute. It has a vertical recoil of 0.5 and a horizontal recoil of 0.2. The VCAR deals 35 damage per shot and requires 3-6 shots to kill an enemy.
SVKThe SVK is a semi-automatic rifle that fires high-power rounds. It has a magazine capacity of 5 rounds plus 1 round in the chamber and has a rate of fire of 180 rounds per minute. The SVK has a velocity of 800 meters per second and a bullet drop of 9.81 meters per second squared.
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