Meet Your Maker Co-Op: How To Play Multiplayer

Meet Your Maker is an immersive first-person game set in a post-apocalyptic world. The game centres around building and raiding, with players creating bespoke Outposts packed with traps and guards to defend against other players. The game features solo and cooperative modes, allowing players to collaborate with friends for strategic and interesting action. Meet Your Maker is a unique and personalised experience that keeps players engaged and delighted, with each level developed by players.

Are you wandering around to join or host Meet Your Maker game session? If yes, then you have come to the right place. 

Host Online

Follow the steps below if you want to host an online Meet Your Maker:

  1. Complete the tutorial: 

First, you need to complete the tutorial to understand the game mechanics.

  1. Press Y to invite a friend: 

Invite a friend to play with you by pressing the Y button on your controller. Enter your friend’s Gamertag or username to invite them.

  1. Wait for your friend to accept the invite:

Your friend will receive a notification, and they have to accept it to join your game.

  1. Play together: 

After that, you can work together to complete the various challenges in the game. 

Join Online

If you want to join an online session of Meet Your Maker game, then you need to follow the steps below: 

  1. Launch the game: 

Launch the game on your Steam client.

  1. Receive an invite: 

Your friend needs to send you a Steam invite to join their game. You can receive the invite through your friend’s in-game invite system or on your Steam client.

  1. Accept the invite: 

Accept the invite, and it will take you to the game lobby.

  1. Join the game: 

You will find an option to join the game in the game lobby,. Click on it to enter the game.

  1. Coordinate with your friend: 

You can coordinate with your friend to complete the game’s objectives and challenges.