I was one of the early birds who preregistered for Final Fantasy: Brave Exvius months before the official release. In fact, I was playing the Japanese version to kill time. I really don’t like waiting, but there were a few horrible mistakes I made in the game, that I should have been more aware of.

Yeah, I wasted a lot of the freebies I got in the game. I did get a lot of good summon units. However, when it comes to Rare Units, and Special Standard Summon. Ideally, you want to only use Rare Summon Tickets during special events when the game is set to slightly increase the odds of giving an awesome summon. Keyword slightly. In the Japanese Brave Exvius game, I spent the majority of my time translating the plot and understanding the fighting system, so I could explain it to our readers. Also, since I’m writing for all types of players I choose not to reroll, so I could compare my gaming experience with our writers here that did reroll, as well as, those who have spent a pretty penny on this game. (It’s hard not to just buy a bundle.)

Pay attention to what each Special Standard Summon is for:

So the first big mistake I made was fusing Gil Snatchers (turtle units), don’t do it! They only give you 500 EXP anyway so it is a total waste. But I was fusion-happy and so I just fused everything together. Besides, I got a really nice package since I pre-registered.

Thankfully, I saw someone on RockU Talk talking about how he hit the jackpot in the Gil Snatcher’s Cave for and then it hit me like a pound of bricks! I opened the game and read the description for all the Gil Snatchers I still had.

Thank you Ocelot for sharing your victory.

After getting over the pain of what I did, you better believe I cashed in on all the rest of the Gil Snatchers I had while resisting the urge to kick myself. But this just goes to show what happens when you don’t pay attention to what each unit is for.

Another thing, that everyone should know is what items you can get rid of in your inventory! Insert a heavy sigh here, because you know I sold items I ended up needing for quests later on. So, to prevent making the same mistakes I did write an article with a breakdown of everything you can throw out.

Which units should I fuse together to make more space?

This is yet another area where I made a few blunders. But then again, maybe I probably shouldn’t play my RPGs at 3 or 4 in the morning and that would cut down on most of my mistakes, but anyway.

Fusing. Fuse the same units with each other to gain the Trust Master Award. I ended up with 4 Locke after using all my Rare Summon Tickets, so naturally in my moment of fury, grief, or whatever it was I started to sell the units but when I noticed that I only got peanuts for it, I figured that there had to be a better option or I could make a squad of all Locke. Thankfully another gamer told me to fuse them together after he stared at me in horror that I had sold a Locke.

As you can see if you fuse the same units it will say, Trust Up.

But, what is trust level anyway?

When I played the Japanese version, I’m certain I skipped over this part or read it and was too hyped about playing the game to pay any attention. Not to mention I normally play while I”m walking home, on the train, or when I should be sleeping, so the game never has my full attention unless it a boss fight.

Nonetheless, the Trust Level is important in Final Fantasy: Brave Exvius for anyone who plans to play this long term. If you are just out to beat the game, then it really doesn’t matter.

Don’t waste your Lapis on the White Dragon:

Within the 1st day of having the game, I went off and challenged the White Dragon in the global version as soon as I was introduced to the Farplane. I touched the blade, the White Dragon appeared and I thought, “Oh. how nice, they did a good job with the game art.” Then after I finished my 1st attack the screen said game over.

The dragon tore my units up and then my pride allowed me to waste about 500 Lapis on it before I had enough and decided I would max out my units and get my revenge. That actually took a long time without buying anything and having to Awaken serval units to 4 and 5-Stars.

In closing:

There are a lot of mistakes I made in FFBE and looking back, I wonder why I made so many. I think because it’s a mobile ga,me I try not to spend too much time on it and mainly just was to enjoy playing and writing articles about it.

I’m sure I’m not alone with making mistakes in FFBE, so share yours with me in the comments below or let’s chat in RockU Talk.

Until next time, may the crystals be with you!

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