Final Fantasy Brave Exvius (FFBE): Best Healers!

Final fantasy has won the heart of millions of game lovers ever since its global release and most of the gamers have also gone as far to say that it might be the best release of the current era! This game is a blend of old and new players that will make it more pleasurable!

Final fantsy brave exvius best 5 healers

1 Refia

Refia is a complete player that is properly equipped with everything to keep your team in the best condition. She has the ability of reviving any party member with “Arise”.it also has the ability of providing remedy to any abnormal state by “Esuna”.it can also restore friends with “Stona” and possesses the remarkable power to remedy 100 % HG with “Cueruga”. In addition to all these qualities she also has the ability to learn encourage and this bonus quality makes her ideal for providing you with support!


Brave exvius Lenna has this astonishing tendency of providing you with maximum healing and restoring you back to the normal states. Apart from working as your party major healer it has some other roles to play aswell.its burst power exercises a profound influence on the magical powers held by its allies.

Strength and weakness

Lenna is all able to increase the attack and defense power up till 40 percent but it has a huge weakness that it has the smallest HP among all the other characters.


Tilith must be regarded as one of the most important part of FF brave exvius list. It occupies a low position due to the high MP consumption which can be termed as its only weakness and that is the reason why it is ranked low as compared to all other members in the list. How beneficial to you is Tilith depends upon how you use her. If you know how to deal with the HP, it can provide you with maximum assistance. Moreover, she has an amazingly high HP that gives it an edge over its remaining counterparts. You can enhance your overall defense by using its salient features that include “Celestial light” and “Rainbow veil”.


One of the most significant traits of Garnet is that it is a natural healer and has the ability to fully heal HP by maximizing it. It has the best MP, which makes it one of a kind among the list of other healers.


FF brave exvius Roselia shares most of its characteristics with Garnet. Roselia is not as equipped as garnet because it fails to bring alive any of its allies. Its spectacular limit burst contains all its strength which also has the tendency to restore it to normal states without bringing into use its MP!

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