FF Brave Exvius Trial Bosses: Ultros and Typhon

Final Fantasy: Brave Exvius Trial Boss Guide: Ultros and Typhon:


Hero’s Shield
+48 DEF/+20% All Element Resistance

Challenge Rewards:
Clear : 100x Lapis
Use Libra : 10% Trust Moogle
Use LB : Rod Mastery
Up to 5 Units : Materia
+180% Water and Wind Magic
+25% MND ignore
+100% All Status Effects (Max: 3) – 60 MP

FF Brave Exvius Trial Boss: Ultros

To complete all of this Trial, you will have to face the Trial Bosses: Ultros three times. During the first time, he is not as strong, but he’s still going to be challenging.

Here are some tips on beating Ultros:

1. Be sure to use Elemental Chains for Fire or Lightning. I think Fire is better, but this depends on what units you are using.

2. Don’t summon Ramuh. He will lower your resistance to Water and Ultros has Water based attacks.

3. Tidus is the man of the hour in the battle because he has a 100% Water buff.

4. Pack all the items you want! There’s no punishment for using them and you want to make sure you have enough MP.

FF Brave Exvius Trial Boss: Ultros Level 2

Here’s where most players get stuck. There are a few simple things you shouldn’t do or else you will get wiped out:

  1. Don’t Debuff or Attack any enemies on the 1st round. That may sound strange, but doing so will trigger them to nuke you. Instead, use the 1st round to buff and heal your units.
  2. Don’t forget to drain Ultros’s MP to 0. This is a key to win because if you don’t, his attacks will quickly kill your team. This will also limit him to only being able to use Magnitude 8, which is why you must keep your units buffed at all times.
  3. Don’t try to kill Ultros first. Typhoon is actually deadlier and will go crazy if Ultros dies. So kill Typhoon first and then Ultros will debuff all your units. That’s not a problem. Simply rebuff your team and then burn him to the ground.
  4. Don’t use Ramuh during this battle because of his -50 Water resistance. (It’s just a really bad idea.)

FF Brave Exvius Trial Boss: Typhon

FF Brave Exvius Trial Bosses: Ultros and Typhon JP Video Guide

Right off the bat, you will notice that Typhon deals more damage to your units so he has to go down first. However, Typhon is a bit hard to kill. Just follow these tips:

  1. Kill him within 10 turns or he will use Disease against your team. This will make the battle longer and harder for you.
  2. Make sure you have all the elemental resistances you can get your hands on. Typhon and Ultros have almost everything between the two of them so be prepared.
  3. Typhon is weak against Physical Attacks. Send in your best attacker and use chains to deal more damage. If you have Dual Wield and Dual Cast, use them!
  4. Raise and Full Heal are going to be very useful in this battle.
  5. When Typhoon is charging up, use Wind magic to cancel his attack.

Best Teams to Use

JP version best teams:
Tidus, WoL, Cecil, Rikku, Arigas, and Tillith

Lightning, WoL, Marie, Tilith, and Orlando

Global version best teams:
Lightning, WoL, Refia, Cecil, and Demon Rain

Luneth, CoD, Lenna, Delita, and Amarant

For the Global version, you want a unit that can double as a Healer and Support. Demon Rain does a lot of damage and Fire Magic will be very helpful during this fight. Amarant has Raise and Luneth deals more damage than Lightning.

In Closing

That covers all the tips and tricks for taking down these bosses. If you have any questions, just drop them in the comments and we will be happy to answer them.

For all thing FFBE-related and to get help with choosing your team, check out the FFBE RockU Talk forum! Our growing community is always friendly and helpful. We can’t wait to see you there!

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