FF Brave Exvius Trial Boss Guide – Brachiosaur


Global players get ready! Final Fantasy: Brave Exvius’ Brachiosaur has wrecked havoc on Japanese players and can surely take out your Lapis if you are not careful. While it is not advisable to use Lapis to revive (unless his HP is down by 30%), let’s check out everything that you must prepare before planning to take Brachiosaur down.

FFBE Brachiosaur Stats

HP: 230,000 | MP: 400
Weaknesses: -50% Ice Attacks | Resistances: None
Aliments: 100% Immune to all ailments.
Attack Cycle: 2 or 3
Threshold: 50% HP, 30% HP

Since this guy is immune to all ailments, forget about using Biora, Alluring Wind, and or any other type of magic that cause abnormal states. This is the type of Trial Boss I really dislike since most of my units have such attacks.

*His attack pattern was taken from the Japanese version of the game.

Snort: Randomly removes one unit from your party for the rest of the battle.
Spin: 170% ST Physical Attack
Disaster: 20% AoE chance to Blind/Confuse/Sleep (1 Turn Only)
Meteor: 110% AoE +25% Ignore MDEF
Ultima: 250% AoE +25% Ignore MDEF (He will charge up before this so be sure to guard)
Charge: Charges attack for next turn

FFBE Brachiosaur Attack Pattern:

What makes this Trial Boss difficult is that he doesn’t seem to actually have an attack pattern. So we have included a walkthrough video of his boss fight at the end of the article.

Most of the time, he will have to charge before casting Ultima so that attack is easy to prepare for.

What units should you use against Branchiosaur?


1. Chizuru: She can dish out some major damage to Brachiosaur with her repeated Barrages. If you add Dragon Slayer (Damage + 30% to dragons), she will be this dragon’s kryptonite.
2. Bartz: Imperil and Barrage
3. Artemios: Barrage


1. Vaan: His Full Break will be your saving grace, and trust me you are going to need it. Brachiosaur has very destructive attacks, so you must keep him debuffed for as long as possible. Also, be sure to make use of Focus.
2. Warrior Of Light: Full Break and Bladeblitz.
3. Amarant: Power Break and Revive.


1. Tirith: Simply is the best healer in FFBE and she can fix anything that’s wrong. From fully healing your units to removing all ailments. If you have her, use her!
2. Garnet: Curaja and Revive
3. Lenna: Esuna and Curaja


1. Exdeath: Be sure to use his Blizzaga since Brachiosaur is weak against ice attacks. Also here’s a nifty boost: use +30% MAG stat to amplify his damage and watch that dragon’s HP go down.
2. Kefka: Blizzaga
3. Golbez: Blizzaga
*Equip Siren with these units.


1. Amarant:
Because he can double as support as well. Not to mention, he has high HP and Revive. Honestly, if you have Warrior of Light and his level is higher, then please use that unit.

  1. Warrior of Light: Similar to above.

What You Will Need Against Brachiosaur in FFBE:

Unit level: 80

Items: Protect Ring, Barrier Ring

For this Trial Boss, you must have high DEF and SPR. Also, make sure you have 2-3 units with Cura because Brachiosaur’s Snort attack will blow one party member out of the battle. And, that attack will destroy your strategy very quickly if you are not prepared for it.

Magic: Blizzaga, Cura/Curaja

Abilities: Esuna, Barrage, Full Break, Focus (Increases MAG/SPR (40%) for 3 turns to all allies.)

Others: SPR +10%, DEF +10%

FFBE Trial Boss Brachiosaurus Japanese Version:

In Closing:

The key for beating Final Fantasy: Brave Exvius’ Brachiosaur will be using Blizzaga along with Barrage. Esuna will be your best friend because this will cure your party members of Confusion, Blind, and Sleep. Be sure to have everyone’s Full Break topped up before the battle starts. If you have Focus use it!
Once Brachiosaur has been released for the global version we will update this page again. So be sure to bookmark it and check back in the future.

If you still think Brachiosaur looks difficult to beat on paper or if you have any trouble with him. Hop on over to RockU Talk to get help from our lively FFBE Community!

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