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FFBE’s Trial Bosses are no joke, as they test your mettle and willpower. Gilgamesh is a nightmare at first, but with the right units and game plan, he can be taken down. Keeping that in mind, we won’t lie to you that this is not going to be an easy battle, but we have mapped out all the pitfalls of this boss fight, so you can avoid them.

Time wise, this fight will take a while so before you get started make sure you have at least 45 minutes or more to spend on this fight. If not, since you really can’t save mid-battle, then save this fight for when you have plenty of time on your hands.

Now, let’s go over Gilgamesh’s stats, attack pattern, the best units to use, and then wrap up with a video of his fight in the Japanese version. To help you get a clear picture of what you are in for.

FFBE Trial Boss Gilgamesh Stats:

HP: 1,000,000
Weakness: -10% Fire, -10% Water, -10% Wind, -10% Earth, and -10% Light
Null to all abnormal states.
* HP Thresholds: 80%, 50%, and 30%

80% Threshold:

Gilgamesh is not a quick or easy battle so you need to save a much MP as possible. Also during this time you want to seal all his AoE. Try to keep all AoE units alive, this is a key factor for winning. When Gilgamesh cast Break or reaches the 80% threshold, dispell his buff immediately!

If you are not trying to get the bonus for not using items to restore your MP, use it at

50% Threshold:

Now, Gilgamesh is going to get really vengeful! Fully restore your party’s HP and if you can summon Golem, do it. If you have any skills that will allow your units to nullify attacks, now is the time to use them. You want to reduce as much damage to your team as possible.Once you hit 50%, Gilgamesh will pretty drop the equivalent of an atomic bomb on your team. His Rift Breaker.
Revive any dead party members and fully restore all HP. Dispell Gilgamesh’s buffs or you won’t last much longer. After you have dispelled him, cast your debuffs on him. (Don’t change the order or you will dispell your own debuffs and that won’t be very helpful.)

30% Threshold:

Before you get to the 30% Threshold, Gilgamesh is going to literally try to troll the life out of your units with Shin-Zantetsuken which will reduce one target’s HP by 75% of their current HP. He will also be out for the kill and two of his attacks Cross-Slash and Back Blade will have a 10% power boost, making him even deadlier.
At 30%, he will use Rift Breaker again, but this will be the last time that he’ll use it. However, that won’t make this uphill battle any easier. Gilgamesh will keep spamming you with Shin-Zantetsuken. If you have the Warrior of Light, I would highly recommend using him for this battle as this would be his shining moment. He would need to be teamed up with Bartz and Cecil to pull off a victory from here on out.

Once you are down to 10% keep your buff up and keep Gilgamesh debuffed. Raise your Limit Breaks to maximum and use them all together to get the LB reward for clearing the stage.

FFBE Trial Boss Gilgamesh Attacks:

He has 6 to 7 attacks per turn.

Prevent him from using his AoE by attacking him with these elements 1st.

1. Fire AoE seals:
Demon Blade Muramasa: 190% ST (Single Target) Fire Hybrid- ATK/DEF/Debuff -50 + Osmose ST
2.Water AoE seals:
Magic Sword Masamune: 190% ST Water Hybrid- INT/MDN/Debuff ST -50%
3. Wind AoE seals:
Tornado Whirlwind Sword: 190% ST Wind Hybrid- INT/MND/Debuff -50%
4. Earth AoE seals:
Shin-Zantetsuken: 75% HP Earth ST
5.Light AoE seals:
Excalibur: – 220% ST Light Hybrid: ST Confuse 100%

Spam the life out of him with Light AoE and Fire EoA, because things will get really nasty quickly if you don’t.

Also, MAG Debuffs are a must! Once he gets under 50%, you will need to cast this to reduce the power of his Cross-Slash attack. When he uses Break, quickly dispell it. Thankfully, he will only use that one time during the entire battle.

Cross-Slash160% AOE
hybrid damage
Tsubame Gaeshi160% ST
hybrid damage
Barrier70% DEF
Wall70% SPR Buff
Excalibur190% hybrid Holy damage with chance to confuse
Charge100% DEF and SPR Buff
Secret Art Heavenstrike500% AoE hybrid + ST Insta KO + AOE DispelAt 80% 50% 30%
Demon Sword Masamune190% ST Fire hybrid + ST -50% Atk/Def + Osmose
Magic Sword Masamune190% ST
Water hybrid + ST -50%
Whirlwind Sword190% ST
Wind hybrid + ST 100% Paralyze + ST — 50% Fire, Water, Wind, Holy Resist
Shin-ZantetsukenST -75%
HP Earth Element
Elemental Shift220% ST
Holy hybrid + 100 chance to confuse
Cross-Slash170% AOE hybrid damage (Final Phase)
Tsubame Gaeshi170% ST hybrid damage (Final Phase)
BREAK+300% Def/Spr Buff

What Units Should You Use Against FFBE Trial Boss Gilgamesh?

All units need HP over 4,000. If not they won’t last long enough to make a difference and you will waste MP bringing them back constantly.

Physical Attackers with AoE Fire, Water, Earth, Wind, and Light.
Dual Wield would be a plus if you have it.
Dispel is critical for this battle, 2 units should have it.
You will need 2 units with Curaja.
A unit that can restore MP is needed if you don’t plan to use items.
Ignore DEF Abilities is a must! Otherwise, your team won’t have enough firepower to deal with Gilgamesh’s HP.
You must have Magic Debuff to counter Cross-Slash

Recommended Units

  • Rain
    He is widely available and is free. He can use Lava Floor (Earth/Fire) element. Covers 3 elements without Dual Wield.
    • Lightning
    HP: 3615/4065
    Having an innate Dual Wield can make her cover two elements of her choice (except Earth) plus her Aero/Fire Blitz or spell blade.
    • Bartz
    HP: 3445/3955
    Another DW. You can make him use Golem Staff + Trident and add Gale Barrage.
    • Snow
    HP: 3801/4311
    Snow has Aqua Strike and able to equip Sonic Knuckles.
    • Firion
    HP: 3537/3927
    Make use of his DW to cover two elements and then add spell blade materia
    Earth Water Fire.
    • Primm
    HP: 3235/3625Primm already has an innate Light, Fire, and Earth attacks. She can also use different sets of elemental weapons minus daggers.
    Primm already has an innate Light, Fire, and Earth attacks. She can also use different sets of elemental weapons minus daggers.
    • Noctis
    HP: 3824/4274
    His Fire Flask plus an Excalibur or Chirijiraden from a friend will help you get through Gilgamesh. His HP is massive and you can also add Bracers + Shine TMR to increase survivability.
    • Gilgamesh
    HP: 3630/4140
    Almost the same evaluation as Lightning minus Fire.

    FFBE Trial Boss Gilgamesh Rewards:

    Initial Completion Reward:
    • Genji Blade → ATK +107

    Mission Rewards:

    • Complete Quest → Lapis x100
    • Defeat Gilgamesh with LB → 5★Trust Moogle
    • Party of 5 or Less → ATK +30%
    • No Items Used → Bushido – Freedom

    FFBE Trial Boss Gilgamesh JP Version:

    In the Japanese version of the game, Gilgamesh is no joke. Just beating his quest will give you 100 Lapis, so be ready to be in for the fight of your life.

    In Closing:

    We’ve covered all the basics and gone over all the important details regarding this Trial Boss. Gilgamesh will not be a 15 min or even 30 min battle. You are looking at about an hour to finish this fight. Make sure you have some comfort food ready in case you die a few times in the process. Don’t worry if you do, most us got wiped out early on in this battle.

    May the power of the crystals be with you! You are going to need it. I don’t think I want to tangle with him in the global version, but those rewards to tempting to pass up!

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