Animal Jam Codes – All Working

If you want to enjoy Animal Jam to the fullest, then the promo codes are a necessity. The codes keep on changing, and new ones appear every week. In a similar manner, codes that are too old expire after some time. The form of currency used in the game is gems. You can earn gems by playing multiple mini games, and then you can use the collected gems to unlock different features. However, if you are tired of playing the game all the time, and you need a shortcut – promo codes – then use the codes mentioned below and enjoy.

Codes (Prize)

  1. Gifts (500 gems)
  2. Flying (500 gems)
  3. Underwater (500 gems)
  4. Trivia (500 gems)
  5. AJBDAY6 (6th birthday cake)
  6. Fashion (500 gems)
  7. Party (500 gems)
  8. Phantoms (500 gems)
  9. Llamas (500 gems)
  10. Arctic (500 gems)
  11. Birthday (500 gems)
  12. Explore (500 gems)
  13. Explorer (100 gems)
  14. Be my buddy (1000 gems)
  15. Trench (500 gems)

How to Use These Codes

It is incredibly easy to use these codes. When you are logging in, apart from entering the username and password, also check the bar below that says “I have a code to enter.” Once done, log in, and you will see a promo gift. Click on the gift, and you will get gems. Make sure you share these codes with your friends as well and make the most use of them before they are expired.

Animal jam is a substitute for the National Geographic kids’ magazine; if your child is interested more in games instead of magazines, this game can be very helpful for his learning of the animal world. The game is set in a place where animals are disappearing day by day, and the environment in general needs some help.


The plot of the game is as follows: children can create animal avatars – which can be customized too – as well as houses to live in. One can encounter many adventures in the game, for instance, children can go to parties, they can explore real life situations, and most importantly, they can explore different real life animals as well as natural sciences. When you first start playing the game, you will have to choose from various animated characters like a panda, rabbit, wolf, and tiger, etc. In the second step, you will be given choices to pick a name – a randomized name – which you can only select from the list provided to you. Once you are done with these two initial steps, you will have to make a username and password.

An interesting aspect of the game is that, after creating username and password, children have to enter the email of their parents, and they also need to acknowledge terms and conditions before playing further. A voice guides children and gives them instructions like they shouldn’t share personal information with anyone, and they should play the game nicely. Once the signup is complete, an email will be sent to the parents’ account, and they have to provide consent if they want their children to play the game. The consent should be given within 14 days; otherwise, the account of the child will be deactivated. However, if parents accept the proposal, they will be further asked to create an account from where they can control and monitor the activities of their children. Parents can control chatting functions, trading and purchasing this way.

Once all this is complete, the children are taught initially how to move the characters they have chosen. Children can also change the color of their characters, and they can also add markings on them.

Currencies and the Leveling System

There are two main currencies in the game – gems and diamonds. The gems can be earned by playing the game on a daily basis and by completing adventures, while diamonds are available only to those children who have subscribed to the game. Apart from diamonds, the subscription has some other benefit too; for instance, you can have customized nameplates, and you can unlock different costumes. All you have to do is explore different things and different areas in the game, and as you keep on completing different levels, the “Courage level” of your character will keep on increasing. The adventures in the game involve different movements like you have to move your character in an efficient manner so that it doesn’t get eaten by wild animals.


The inclusion of parties adds further charm to the beauty of the game. By attending different parties, you can interact and talk with other members of the game. There are seasonal parties, free parties – available to anyone – and subscription parties which only the subscribed members can attend. There are also some parties in which only selected animals are invited to join. Before going to the party, you can buy multiple items from the store to decorate your character as well as its den.

Self-Policing System

As already mentioned that the game has a chat feature, and which is rather a restricted one, and it becomes more so because of the parental control, but still, some sexual and bullying content can be found in the game. There are adamant filters that instantly recognize the foul language, but still, some children manage to use the foul language because they put numbers in between the letters of the words. The upside part of the game is the self-policing system in which you can report anyone, who you think is using foul language.

Promotion of Learning Instead of Creativity

You cannot say about the animal jam that it is a productive game, but it cannot be denied that it teaches you many things. You learn a lot about flora and fauna of the environment which are disappearing gradually and you also learn why environment needs some help. The best thing about this part is that it promotes the awareness about the environment in children. The game sections within the game are also different: for instance, there are games for toddlers, in which, they learn how they can control their character, and there are other games for young children which promote the awareness about the environment.

In general, it is an excellent game which teaches a lot to children. Besides, it is also easier for parents to have a look at the activities of their children if they are playing this game.

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