Fire Emblem Heroes _ Eldigan Guide & Analysis

Eldigan is from the realm of Fire Emblem: Genealogy of the Holy War. You can get him by choosing the Red Orb during summoning. He has a 5★ rarity. A Red Sword wielder with a movement speed of Cavalry.

As of this writing, Eldigan is a B-Rank Red Orb unit.

Eldigan | Fire Emblem Heroes Guide

  • Rarity: 5★
    • Color Type: Red
    • Weapon Type: Sword
    • Mode of Travel: On a Horse (Cavalry)

    Base Statistics (5):
    • Base HP: 18 ~ 20
    • ATK: 23 ~ 25
    • SPD: 4 ~ 6
    • DEF: 7 ~ 9
    • RES: 5 ~ 7

    You can only summon Eldigan as a 5★ unit in the game. He is one of the featured units in the Sibling Bonds Summoning Event from February 27 to March 14. At max level (lvl40) Eldigan’s ATK can reach 51 and his DEF to 37.


Notable Weapons (might):

• Iron Sword (6)
• Steel Sword (8)
• Killing Edge (11)
• Mystletainn (16)

Mystletainn, also known as Demon Sword, is one of the 12 holy weapons from FE: Genealogy of the Holy War. It is the same blade that Crusader Hezul wielded. Both Killing Edge and Mystletainn have the ability to accelerate Special Triggers. It deducts the cooldown count -1.


• Rising Light
• Growing Light

These two Specials can damage an area near (Rising Light) or a wide area (Growing Light) around your unit. This activates before combat.

Passives Skills:

• Fury (1/2/3)

This skill can grant him ATK/SPD/DEF/RES (+1/+2+3). This will also cost him his (-2/-4/-6) HP after combat.

• Lunge

This skill will make Eldigan and his foe swap places.

Eldigan | Final Evaluation:

Eldigan’s ATK at max level (lvl 40) is at par with your favorite Red Sword units such as Marth and Ryoma. He has a high DEF too. This high DEF balances his passive move Fury that costs him HP after every combat. Adding his Special move Growing Light, he can chip away a good amount of HP to his foes too.

Growing Light costs 300 SP and Fury has a total of 350 SP cost.

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