Here is a list of top ten Starbound mods.

  1. Container UI Tweak

This is the simple quality-of-life mod, and is the first that I myself installed. It’s just one simple thing; its function is that it splits the window so that it doesn’t open on top of you. When I installed this mod and used it, it was like angels burst out of the heavens and I wondered why wouldn’t the developers of the game have done this in the first place.

  1. Weapon Stats

This one is super handy if you are a number junkie like me, and if you want all the details, all the good stuff, this one is really awesome. It shows you the level of the weapon, its DPS, its energy per shot and all that good stuff, and all the things that you would ever want to know about your weapon. It will show you each and everything, all you have to do is hover over it.

  1. Instant Crafting

This mod is important as well as useful, and you can imagine the extent to which this mod is crucial that too many people have suggested to me that you should use this mod, so I had to put it on the list. If it’s that freaking popular, it should be certainly on the list. The mod is pretty self-explanatory; it instantly crafts stuff and you don’t have to wait around.

  1. Phase Shift module

I want to highlight this mod because this one is great for builders. It’s kind of GT; the author puts a system in place to help make it not a GT, but you can abuse it very easily even though the author puts these systems in check. But, honestly, it is great for builders and it’s great for people like me who want to do tutorials and stuff like that, like getting around the map and all that stuff. This mod also makes building a breeze. It has to be on the list for all these reasons because it’s great, especially for all of the builders out there. I am sure that if you install it and use it, you will certainly love it.

  1. Universal Uncrafter

This mod also deserves some spotlight because it is great too, mainly for the reason that if you end up screwed, you can get your resources back. On the other hand, if you have too many items, you can break them down, and also all that useless stuff that you get when you are out there exploring. I am quite sure that different people have different choices and that few people might not want their items uncrafted in order to get resources, but for those who want, this mod is helpful. This mod also allows you to break down existing blocks and create new ones, so, in future, if you will have a hard time finding a specific block, you can turn to this mod.

  1. Ground-Penetrating Radar Station

This mod is handy to find ores, and that’s basically the reason it’s on the list. With the help of this mod, you won’t have to spend those hours and hours trying to find a specific ore that you are looking for. The interesting thing about this mod is that it doesn’t give you a map, but a map of a map, so it helps you to know what’s going on in the game. Many people consider this mod as cheating, but I think it’s allowable because we are in a futuristic universe and are trying to find sonars, radars, and all that stuff that can be used to penetrate the ground and the sea. In order to know what’s going underneath, this mod is a handy tool.

  1. The Ceiling Mounted Sprinkler

In the game, you will find that there is one sprinkler on the ground, but the problem is that it’s horrible to use the ground sprinkler because it doesn’t work properly. Ceiling sprinklers just make sense and using these we can do many things effectively. Besides, we should have both options: we should have game sprinklers – that are present on the ground – as well as, the ceiling mounted sprinklers.

  1. Enhanced Storage

This mod is amazing because with the help of it you can store anything you want in the game. You can put the items in the container, or you can break the container and keep everything that’s inside. The container holds the value of collective items inside. This mod also increases container’s storage space – it might not interest you because most of the containers in the game are already pretty accurate space-wise, but it still helps. Another interesting thing about this mod is that your items can easily be sorted by using a sort priority. You can also sort the items by rarity category as well as name count. You can also send all of the items from your inventory directly to the chest that you have just opened, but the condition is that the chest should have the capacity to hold the item. Pull any item out of your inventory, drop it into the chest and place it there. You can imagine how handy all this is.

This mod also has a search function, and with the help of it containers can be customized with colors and names. This mod can also help you with the liquid tanks: you can add up to three liquid tanks of your own using this mod. It also gives you a new container specifically for your captured pets so that you can easily put them at a proper place, and the list just goes on. It is a fantastic mod and a fantastic addition to the game.

  1. Weapon assembly

This mod also deserves spotlight because it allows you to customize virtually any weapon in the game to get you absolute and perfect weapon for your desired gameplay. You can take all those weapons that you find in the game while adventuring, break them into parts, mix and match your heart’s content to get you your perfect weapon. On the top of all this, you can also paint your weapon to get a perfect match with whatever outfit you are wearing.

  1. Frackin’ Universe

This mod is beyond fantastic; my advice is that first you keep on playing the game without using this mod; finally, you will get bored. When this happens, go and download this mod and install it. It will breathe new life into your game, and you will enjoy this game they way you did when you loaded this game for the first time. You will realize again that this game is so cool and your heart will start pounding. It will be exactly like playing the game first time for the second time.

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