Dynasty Warriors Unleashed: How to Farm Desired Characters

There are mainly two ways of farming your desired characters in Dynasty Warriors Unleashed:

1) You can have your favorite officers by opening up various edicts that are available in the game’s market.

2) Another way to get the officers is by playing the regular campaign missions.

The above mentioned ways will enable you to get some of the highly ranked officers but there is no certainty of getting the exact heroes of your choice. This guide will tell you about some ways in which you can farm your desired characters in Dynasty Warriors Unleashed.

Those who have played the game would know that there are 6 missions with different levels in the game. Completing each level will unlock a certain character. If you have an idea that which level will present you with which character, you can continue playing that until you have unlocked the desired character. This is one way to farm your desired character.


It must be kept in mind that not every character can be farmed by completing campaign missions. You must check out the list thoroughly in order to confirm whether your type of hero is available or not. Unfortunately, if your desired character is not available, you will have to rely on the edicts to farm your character.

This is all about how to farm your desired character in Dynasty Warriors Unleashed.

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