Neverwinter: Warlock Guide

Instead of focusing on the devoted cleric class, I will focus on scourge warlock class that has been released with the dragon of tyranny update. So, in this article, the basics of this latest version of the game are discussed. Here is the full walkthrough of the entire class.


You get the same armor as is available usually for every class, but now you get a brittle packed blade, which is kind of a major weapon in the game. It has the same texture and the shift ability; your moving ability has a sprint, but it also has a unique texture and animation to it, and it feels as if you are floating. They say that you are floating in the shade, but it’s not really the shade. The animation may need some work, but for now, it’s pretty good. I think, they really should pay some attention to class balance because this class is pretty overpowered so, let’s abuse it while we can.

First Quest

The first quest, as it was, with every class since the launch of the game, that is to kill these riders here and save the wounded soldiers. This is very basic gameplay right here because we only have the first click; the class only starts getting interesting when you get your second click or if you work with a combo. That’s what I really like about this class. Neverwinter can mainly be appreciated for this class because it’s adorable.

It is also advised that you try to avoid as many enemies as you can, and speed through the game a bit.

Level 2

As you keep on playing the game, you unlock level two. Level two comes with its own charms and dangers, but the most interesting thing about level 2 is that you unlock the right-click ability. You also get dark spirals. Dark spirals fire a spiral of dark energy at your targets to increase the damage, action points and gain.

The dark spirals are obtained over time using the left click, or that’s what I’d been led to believe so far. If you right click directly, it will sponsor dark spirals for you which you cannot do again and again because you only have a maximum of three chances. As you keep on collecting a stack of dark spirals, you also keep on collecting the arrows. The more dark spirals you have, the more damage your ability does.

It is also very important to note that every time you kill someone, you get a new spiral. This is just the beginning of how amazing these classes are, and the ranger on release is one such example, although I don’t know if the ranger is still as overpowered as it was when released. For more efficiency in battles, you don’t need to use your left click, just use your right click. I think this class is as strong as a ranger, but there is a slight difference between two. The ranger class was like all you had to do was hold down the right click and the ranger will kill all the enemies, but in this class, you also need some strategy. So, it’s a lot more about making an effective strategy instead of just holding the right click button.

As you can see, you make your targets suffer because of the internal fuel flames around them. What happens is that, when you are up to an enemy, click ‘you-option’ and you will absorb their soul and it turns their soul into a soul puppet. If you already have a soul puppet spawned, then if you press the key again, it will just heal the soul puppet for however damaging it has already taken. The important thing is that you can only have one spirit up at a time. It would have been hilarious if you had been given the army of spirits, but one soul is perfect too, it works excellent.

Another interesting thing is that you can use your sprint backward which feels like as if you are retreating and I absolutely like this trick because the enemy doesn’t feel any sense of defense when facing this class.

What I really believe for this new class is that they should revamp the tutorial area because I’m sure that you must be bored to death having chosen these classes and running through the unknown areas over and over. The worst thing is that they don’t have any braces divides.

Killing Flames

Our first encounter ability is killing flames. This is a high damage and has very short cooldown ability. It does more damage, and you will notice that more health of your opponent is missing.

Dread Theft

I feel that dread theft is an inside joke. This kill strategy is a minion slayer. Hitting a cursed target will consume that curse, but cause the beam to do a hell lot more damage. On the other hand, once I line up my shot with this trick, I’m encouraged to stand still for the next six seconds. Honestly, I love the ability, but I still think that it’s missing something. Dread theft also has a mechanic question mark; if you kill your primary target at which you aimed it stays aimed at the target, even when the target is dead on the ground, which means that you need to readjust it every time your primary target dies. Fiery bolt plus dread theft means that any enemy group is wiped out in one shot.

Killer of Power

This skill damages an area where it is applied, and if you are standing within that area, you do increase your damage with your abilities. You have a feat later on that allows you to share this with your friends. In order to get the secondary benefits, you must be much closer to the enemies. Honestly, it’s not worth the time when you can make use of lots of other better powers.

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