New Weapons in Soul Knight 3.2.0

Everyone has found a new direction to develop the strength of the hero. At the same time, engineers were also researching and coming up with new weapons.

This guide will provide you with all the details about five new weapons in Soul Knight. 

1. Girl’s UziA: 

Girl’s UziA is a merged weapons form uzi and cherry blossom. 

Girl’s UziA fires heart-shaped bullets. It has a chance to cause immobilization and loss of blood.

2. Frostt Axe:

Frostt Axe is a merged weapon from Battle Axe and Staff of frost. The mechanism is the same as flame Axe. But after holding a charge, it shoots ice instead of fire.

3. Thunder bow:

Thunder bow is a merged weapon from thunder Warhammer and wind force.

It can both follow the target and strike them with thunder.

4. Deck of cards: 

You can throw one or wait for three cards to throw.

If 3 Cards are of same type, the enemy will receive elemental effects because the cards are random. So good luck or best of luck, buffs will also have an effect.

5. Super monster card:

Super monster card requires a blueprint to craft.

It can summon monsters to assist. Each type of monster has a different attack way. Good Luck will increase the rate of getting stronger monsters.

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