NFS Undercover – Trainer

NFS Undercover is a perfect choice for gamers who want to experience the adrenaline-pumping experience of illegal street racing in an open-world environment. This game offers players the most realistic and visceral racing experience with fast-paced action and an immersive look. EA Black Box, EA Vancouver, Exient Entertainment, Firebrand Games, Piranha Games, and IronMonkey Studios developed it. It is available on Microsoft Windows, iOS, and PlayStation Portable.

How to Use This Trainer?

Firstly, extract the zip file by using the Winzip program, then run the .exe file (trainer file) after that run the game, now you’ll be able to use the following commands.

F1Buy For Free
F2Unlimited Nos
F3Unlimited Race breaker
F4Min Wanted Level
F5Max Wanted Level
F6Always Win

Important: This trainer only works with version 1.0 of this game.

Download Trainer:

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