Pistol & All Attachment Locations in Sons of the Forest

In this guide, you will find the PISTOL & ALL ATTACHMENT locations in Sons Of The Forest.

Let’s go ahead and get the pistol first. So, what you should do is come down to a specific location on the map.

And then head to a raft in the ocean and the pistol will be right in there. You can pick it up and now towards the attachments. Especially for this one, you will need the shovel if you want to come down to this location on the map shown in the image below.

Start digging there and when that’s finished, you can go in. Once you are inside, you should go a particular way and it’s going to be in the room to the right. Now, it is where you will find the laser sights for the pistol. You need to come down to this beacon on the side of the map and dig once again to find the next attachment. Once you are down, go into the corridor, and inside the room will be the silencer foggy Flashlight. After that, go to the cave in a particular part of the map and it is also where you find the shovel. You won’t get underneath the zip line for this and the scuba gear. And finally, the pistol rail to you to attach all your items can be found right here on this side of the island against a corpse.