Planet Coaster Cheats

Planet Coaster game was published by Frontier Developments in 2016 and it took the gaming world like a storm. It is a construction and management simulation game with a lot of options to build your own park just the way you like it without any kind of restriction. And it offers you some scenarios that provide specific challenges. The game has super accessible path building  and coaster building tools. It does have some downloadable contents but it is recommended to wait for a sale to buy those DLC’s. The graphics of Planet Coaster game are just spectacular and it really adds to the replay element.

The cheat codes are specially designed to let you reach the higher stages of the game. You can use all the cheat codes for different purposes in the game. Just use the respective codes to get the desired output.

Planet Coaster Cheats

FRONTIER:This code will name a ride 'Frontier' to remove the chance of all rides breaking down.
STEVE WILKINS:This cheat code is used to name a staff member 'Steve Wilkins' in order to increase the rate that rides need repairing.
TEGIDCAM:This code will name a guest 'Tegidcam' to enter a first person camera mode.
McLINTHE:This cheat code is used to name a shop 'McLinthe' to make everyone in the park PUKE.
ANDY FLETCHER:This code will name a guest 'Andy Fletcher' to remove friction on all the coasters and some track rides as well.
JAMES TAYLOR:This cheat code is used to name a guest 'James Taylor' to lower friction on all the coasters and some track rides
DAVID GETLEY:This code will name a staff member 'David Getley' to increase the crime in the park.
LOCKETTMAN:This cheat code is used to name a security guard Lockettman to see guests bounce off them when giving the chase
ANDY CHAPPELL:This code will name a guest 'Andy Chappell' to see them whizz around the go kart track at a great speed.
BOLLARD:This cheat code is used to name a Go Kart track 'Bollard' in order to enable the ability to ride your go karts. You can also honk your horn using the SHIFT key.

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