Power Rangers Legends Hands On Preview

It turns out The Incredible Hulk isn’t the only superhero borrowing a few moves from the Infinity Blade series. Saban Brands recently gave us a hands-on demo of their upcoming free-to-play action game Power Rangers Legends, which combines a familiar swipe-based fighting mechanic with characters from the show’s 20-year history.

Power Rangers Legends uses the Unity 3D Engine, like Avengers Initiative, but the build we saw seemed a bit early and rough. While the Power Rangers themselves looked fairly detailed, a few of the enemies were missing textures. Plus, the game consists solely of a series of one-on-one fights in a central location, without any of the modest exploration of Avengers Initiative or the Infinity Blade games. Since this is a free download, and one geared towards kids, you might want to keep your expectations low.

Combat-wise, the game feels familiar, using swipes for sword slashes. We were unable to counter attacks by slashing in the opposite direction, so this ability may not be in the final game. However, you could activate a series of nicely-animated special kicks and blasts with buttons that appeared in the upper-right of the screen, which show off a bit more of your Ranger’s skills. Disappointingly, you won’t be able to combine your Rangers into one giant mech for an epic showdown.

Since Power Rangers Legends covers multiple seasons of the show, you’ll be able to download extra seasons and episodes (containing unique enemies) using in-app purchases. In this way, the game is tied more closely to the show’s history than some other licensed games we’ve played. But the simple gameplay and lack of combat variety might make additional seasons a hard sell. Power Rangers Legends will be available on the App Store in mid-November.

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