Deep the Game


Welcome to the Deep: Pixelart platformer indie game located deep inside caves. Your main goals are to survive and find the exit.

Welcome to The Deep

You are a cave explorer who accidentally falls in a pit which leads to a big cave system. After some exploration, you find remains of an old civilization that used to live there, but they are long extinct, but the cave is still populated with Bats, Slimes, and other kinds of creatures.


Explore the cave and find secret rooms, chests, coins, and more treasure that is hidden deep into the cave.

Perform Stunts

Find your way out of the cave while wall jumping, climbing, sliding, or swimming.

Battle Against Enemies

While exploring the cave, you encounter some weird creatures. The slimes, bats, and the Patrol Monster are the enemies you must avoid to get safely outside!

Escape the Cave

After hours of climbing, jumping, and swimming you find the exit and return to your home.


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