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Don’t Starve is a survival video game which was released in 2013. You will be located in a dark world. There is darkness everywhere. You have to fight for your survival on this land. You have to face many supernatural enemies, dangerous animals and birds. You have to protect yourself in order to stay alive. You must explore this world and find something to eat. Because it is the basic necessity to survive. 

If you are unable to find anything to eat your health points will start decreasing gradually. So as a result you may die and the game will be over for you. You can gather the collectible items to craft some weapons or tools. You must make a shelter to live in. As you complete the days in the game you will be awarded with the experience points. You can earn twenty experience points on surviving a single day in the game.

With the help of experience points, you will be able to unlock the locked characters. Only one character will be available at the start of the game because other characters are being locked. The Don’t Starve game is available for you to play on the Mobile phone, PlayStation, Xbox & Nintendo switch.

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2 reviews for Don’t Starve

  1. Beatrix

    Loved the graphics

  2. Fawkes

    Epic game

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