Eat Eggs: Monsters VS Chickens

Are you a great eggs hunter? Boom the chicken and collect eggs as many as you can. Eggs got surprise for you. Crazy chickens are coming. You will be busted if you don’t run!! Defence eggs, defence monsters, defence you. Sick of the snake game or sick of the RPG game? now time for the Snake RPG monster defence game. Keep your troops safe! Survive days as long as you can! Do you think you can reach 50 days?

Price: Free!



9 unique monsters with their own specialized weapons! Even some monsters have super magic power!

Enjoy various worlds. Enjoy beautiful endless blocky world!

Make everyday easter!!

### How to Play ###

– Tap bottom area of the screen to control monsters.

– Keep move or chickens will get you.

– Collect eggs to upgrade your monsters.

– Each new day will introduce you more/special chickens.

– Different strategies can be used to survive longer.

Last Updated on Jan 19, 2021 @ 12:12 pm


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