Eat Eggs: Monsters VS Chickens

Collect eggs and survive as long as you can in this popular action game. You will play as a chicken to protect your group from the monsters. Collect all the eggs in different game maps and survive for a maximum number of days.

Price: Free!


Eat Eggs: Monsters vs Chickens is a casual action game that was released in 2019. This game is specially designed for IOS devices in which you will lead a group of chickens to collect the eggs. But you will face many enemies and monsters during this. You have to keep running, otherwise the monsters will blow you away.

You can upgrade the chickens after collecting the eggs. There are different maps designed in the game and each of the maps have unique monsters in it. You need to protect yourself while collecting the eggs and try to survive as long as possible. Eat Eggs: Monsters vs Chickens is a top rated action game that is available for free on the Apple app store. You must have a mobile phone with IOS version 10.0.0 to play this game.