Ghost Stories


Your task is find all the item and head of ghost Max’s, but do not think that it will be easy.

After 9 pm all the doors of the house get closed and a headless ghost named Max wakes up and it is not so easy to hide from him…
If you stand still and do not move, he does not notice you, but if you tarry or out yourself he will pounce on you and kill you.
Anyway you are well prepared and if you are lucky you will be able to escape.

After 10 pm the closed door leading to the bedroom opens and there you find a secret safe… but you will need a bunch of keys to unlock it.

From 9 am Max is sleeping and you have time to complete tasks calmly…
You can check the time or speed it up with the help of an old clock.

You Will:

  • Try to survive
  • Be afraid
  • Run
  • Search for hidden items
  • And many other things…


  • Responsive gameplay
  • Beautiful graphics
  • Interesting story
  • Detailed World
  • Emotional stress


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