Liar Trick -Psychological Crime Mystery

Published on: October 2, 2022


Liar Trick -Psychological Crime Mystery is an adventure crime mystery game being released in 2020. You will play the role of an interrogator named Patrick Truth to resolve the crimes and incidents by interrogating all the suspects. There are 3 modes in the game. In the interrogation mode, you will be asked to interrogate every suspect.

In the Liar mode, you have to expose the lies of the suspects by judging their body language and facial expressions. And in the deduction mode, you have to solve the particular case and nominate the criminal who’s responsible for the crime. There are 3 cases for you to solve. There will be a blast in a police vault that will kill some police officers, your responsibility is to investigate the matter and find out why this happened and who’s behind it.

Go to Dr Ringfind and ask her to do the DNA test of the hand found in Suburban park. Then with the help of DNA, find out the victim and criminals. In the third case, solve the mystery of the murder. The leader of a fraud gang is being murder by someone. Investigate and reach the murderer. Liar Trick -Psychological Crime Mystery is a very adventurous game to be featured on the Windows PC.