POSTAL 4: No Regerts


Published on: July 5, 2021
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Postal 4: No Regerts is a comedic, open world, first-person shooter video game developed by Running with Scissors. This game instead of Postal III is considered the true successor to Postal 2.

The game is set several years after the events of Paradise Lost and features Postal dude as the main character of the game.

Being the only two to escape the land of paradise unharmed, Dude and champ wander the desserts of Arizona looking for a new place to set camp. An unfortunate accident at a gas station leads to all their belongings getting stolen. With his dog and his bathrobe still by his side, dude has got to find a way to make ends meet. Just across the horizon, he sees a town of opportunities. Dude has to take different jobs in order to make a decent living, and then there is champ. A loyal companion no doubt, but sure eats a lot.

The game is centered around different “errands” that The Postal Dude must complete each day, which include being a prison guard, a sewer worker, and an animal catcher among others. The game features an open world sand box. It features Edensin, a gambling town inhabiting mysterious residents and ghosts. The game gives you the freedom to choose your playstyle. Whether you want to have friendly and peaceful encounters or raise hell on the residents of Edensin is totally up to you.

Talking about raising hell, the classic weapons introduced in previous games are back. They include Tazer Baton, AK and Ingram. In addition, several new ones like Pigeon Mine let you rain feathers on your enemies. In addition to that, liquid ammo can be used to put out fires and unleash a urine storm on Edensin residents. Power ups including the cat silencer and catnip have also made their way to this installment. And of course, you can still turbo boost your urethra using Vitamin X energy drink.

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