Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time Remake


Published on: October 2, 2022
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As the name implies, the game is the remade version of the 2003 game Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time. 

The game is set in ancient Persia around the 9th century and features the Prince, the Vizir and Farah, the maharaja’s daughter as the main characters. The story begins with the heavily guarded prince on his way to meet the Sultan of Azad. As the caravan is passing through India, the vizir of a local maharaja entices them to attack the maharaja’s palace where the Sands of Time are kept. These sands can give mortals the power to turn back time. The prince and his army end up in a fight at the maharaja’s palace and the prince successfully steals the Dagger of time which gives you access to the sands. Additionally, Farah, the maharaja’s daughter is also captured. When they reach the Sultan of Azad, vizir tricks the prince into using the dagger to release the sands and this causes everyone except the prince, Farah and the vizir to turn into monsters. 

Initially skeptical of Farah’s motives, the prince allies with her in the hopes of undoing his actions. They are attacked by the vizir who wants the dagger of time but the two manage to escape. However, Farah leaves her medallion with the prince and escapes with the dagger. She is followed by the prince who barely catches her before being driven over a ledge. In order to save the prince, Farah sacrifices her own life. As the prince is mourning over her, vizir appears and offers the prince a “life of eternity” in exchange for the dagger. The prince refuses and angrily stabs the dagger into the hourglass. This causes the time to rewind back to before the Prince attacked the maharaja’s palace, however the prince has memory of all the events. He then goes to the maharaja place to warn Farah of vizir’s treacherous desires. 

Touted as a full fledged remake and not a reboot or a remaster, the game features the same storyline and borrows most of the same gameplay elements from its predecessor. However the game features new motion capture animations, new assets and overhauled graphics.  

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