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Subnautica is an open world survival action-adventure video game developed and published by Unknown Worlds Entertainment. The game is played from a First-person perspective.

Set in the 22nd century in a remote ocean alien planet called “Planet 4546B”, the game gives you control of the only survivor of the aircraft ‘Aurora’. The objective of the game is to survive the ocean’s atmosphere while exploring every nook of it and completing missions along the way. In addition to the majority of the underwater gameplay, there are two explorable islands in the game.

In order to leave the planet, you have to locate the creature known as the Sea Emperor Leviathan, who is the last of its kind, and will telepathically communicate with the player throughout the game. The planet is plagued by Kharaa Bacterium, a fatal infectious disease. The cure for Kharaa is Enzyme 42, which is produced by the Sea Emperor. The sea emperor has been keeping the flora and fauna of the planet alive by distributing small amounts of the cure through small fish like creatures called “Peepers”. It is insufficient to eradicate the plague, due to the Sea Emperor’s damaging health and age of over one thousand years. If you can find the Sea Emperor, He will give you the recipe to hatch its eggs artificially and the offsprings being much younger than him can produce the cure in a much purer form which will result in eradication of the disease and enable the player to heal and leave the planet.

There are four difficulty levels in the game including Survival Mode, Freedom Mode, Creative Mode and hardcore Mode. In addition to using the keyboard/mouse or a controller, the game also supports VR Headsets.

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2 reviews for Subnautica

  1. Bashiga

    Epic Gameplay!

  2. Majeh

    This is one of my favorite game!

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