The Tower of Worth


The Tower of Worth is an action adventure game that was released in 2019. The game is based in a dark world. There are many enemies present in this dark world, you may have to battle against them. Your character will be equipped with weapons to take down these enemies. You can use different weapons to kill them. Along with this, your character has also got great fighting skills. He can jump around to attack the enemies. You can make use of the defensive skills to protect yourself from the attacks of the enemies.

A Lot of enemies are out there in the game along with their bosses. You have to kill all of them in order to reach the tower in the game. You have to go at the top of the tower. Then you will be given some challenges. You can complete these challenges to get big rewards. New weapons will be unlocked for you as you progress in the game. The ego of your character will keep changing as the time passes. The Tower of Worth is the best action adventure to be featured on the Windows PC.


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