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Ever since the launch of the Wiiware service, and the announcement of the game line-up accompanying it, much fanfare has been made of it how it will rival Xbox Live Arcade and the Playstation Store, and allow smaller developers a market to bring out smaller budget titles. However, it also allows companies to bring out games which didn’t perform so well on other platforms, like Toki Tori did on the Gameboy Colour, despite its critical acclaim.

The game features a recently hatched chick, Toki Tori, in a quest to free his unborn companions from their eggshells. To do this you’ll control Toki Tori via the Wiimote around the seventy levels within the game, by simply pointing where you’d like him to go and pressing A. The trick within the puzzler is the fact that he can’t jump, fly or climb, so every move must be considered with caution, otherwise you may find yourself in an unwinnable situation.

To help out young Toki, an array of tools are at the chick’s disposal to help navigate the levels. Some allow you to build a bridge across to another ledge, while later on you can earn tools such as the ability to teleport, and others to help rid you of enemies who stomp around the game environment.

Also available to you is a ‘wild card’ which gives you the ability to skip a level which is too taxing for the user, but where’s the catch you say? The fact that you can only earn back this wild card after you beat the level you initially used it on – so use it with caution, as you may need to persevere with a level, rather than blow your wild card on it.

One of the greatest assets to this title is the well calculated difficulty incline, as it allows you to get your feet wet, without submerging you immediately. But if you manage to breeze through the first handful of levels don’t stay complacent, as it will definately test you later on, and everyone’s sure to make use of the aforementioned ‘wild card’ at some stage.

The game has certainly come a long way from its roots back on the GBC. The 2D characters and environments have been given a huge amount of detail, with colours that make the game really eye catching and appealing. The soundtrack that plays during each of the levels is really catchy and full of life and variety, without resorting to anything overly generic and repetitive, and complements the visuals very nicely.

At first glance this game may seem tilted at a younger audience, with its cutesy-style graphics, but don’t let this exterior fool you, as your brain will come close to melting point with some of the levels. At a mere 1000 Wii point investment you can’t go wrong, as it will provide ample gameplay for hours on end, and is a puzzler that you can put down, but will keep coming back to.

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