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Torchlight III is a dungeon crawler action RPG developed by Echtra Games. It is the third game in the Torchlight series and a successor to Torchlight II.

The game is set a century after the events of Torchlight II and is based in the high fantasy world of Novastraia. The game is played using an isometric top down view and mixes elements of traditional role playing with hack and slash type of combat. The game features a variety of weapons, skills and magic spells to counter enemies and you can collect new items and treasure as you progress through the game.

The game features four main classes and five Relic Subclasses. You can really get into customizing your character down to the slightest details and as the story moves forward, unique gear pops up to complement your characters wardrobe.

The game also gives you the ability to build, upgrade or renovate your own fort in order to intimidate your mightiest foes. The game also features pets that follow you around like loyal companions. You can add skills to your pets and equip them with gear to make them stronger. Several different species of pets are included in the game each with multiple colors and styles.

The game world featuring Novastraia boasts a rich and colorful aesthetic and the vast oceans, rugged forests and ever expanding pastures leave you nothing short of mesmerized. Every character featured in the game is incredibly rich with intricate details. The sound track is powerful, mechanics are well optimized and the  gameplay is buttery smooth. All of these features make Torchlight III a great addition to the decade old franchise.

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1 review for Torchlight III

  1. Lilac

    These guys are on the right track, I hope that they turn this game into something epic in the next version.

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