We Happy Few


Published on: October 1, 2022
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We Happy Few is an action-adventure survival horror video game developed by Compulsion Games. The game is played in first person perspective.

Set in the alternative 1960s England, the game incorporates role-playing, survival and stealth elements in the backdrop of paranoia.

A bricklayer has assassinated Franklin Roosevelt, leaving the power up for grabs. The US doesn’t join hands with the Allied forces under the new leadership and England is forced to fight the Germans all on its own. The British end up losing The Battle of Britain and the Germans occupy the entire country. This doesn’t sit well with the residents of Wellington Wells and they end up doing terrible things that momentarily make the Germans leave the city. However, their actions soon come back to haunt them and to cope with the consequences of their actions, the guilt-ridden citizens invent a drug called “Joy” which causes chemically induced euphoria. As with all drugs, Joy in addition to having moral implications, comes with its own suite of side effects including addiction, terrible hallucinations, short term memory loss and being susceptible to manipulation.

With time, the rest of the world has moved forward, leaving the citizens of Wellington Wells behind. Trapped inside their own world, the Wellies wear Happy face masks which were made to permanently mold their cheekbones to look as if they were “Happy”. While the drug still works on some people, others have developed resistance. Looking to seek the high of Joy, they have dwelled into the low of depression. Not willing to accept them as their own, the Happy willies drive these “Wastrels” out of Wellington Wells. Then there are people willfully refusing to get Joy. These “Downers’ are either force fed Joy or killed on the spot.

The gameplay is divided into three acts and the player controls one of three characters. Each of these characters have their own unique skills and reasons for escaping Wellington Wells. You can play as Arthur, Ollie, Or Sally. There is a main goal in each act along with several quests to complete. As you complete quests, you earn character rewards which allow you to upgrade your character’s skills and abilities.

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