“Returnal” PC Launch Receives Minimal Marketing, AI-Generated “Starfield” Leak Circulates Online

Returnal, a science-fiction shooter with horror components, has lately made its way from the PlayStation to the Computer. Despite being a highly acclaimed game, it got little advertising on PC, with only one tweet serving as the main promotion. As a consequence, the game failed to attract a large audience during its first weekend, with only about 7,000 concurrent users on Steam. Despite outperforming “Sackboy,” Returnal fell far shy of established titles such as “God of War,” “Marvel Spider-Man,” and “Horizon.” Many believe that the lack of promotion was the main reason for the game’s poor PC audience, as players usually learn about PlayStation titles through the device or word-of-mouth.

In other developments, an AI-generated stolen picture of Starfield’s cinematic trailer has surfaced on the internet. Although the image appears to be identical to prior announcements for the sci-fi game, it was not real. The picture was a blurry off-screen photograph, and gamers soon noted its poor quality. This instance could be used to illustrate the difficulties that people experience when attempting to validate the authenticity of leaked material on the internet. However, as AI advances, more images like this are anticipated to emerge, further confusing the situation. Furthermore, given the current news cycle, the first to share the news is usually regarded as the most trustworthy, making it even more difficult to determine the truth.