Roblox Speed Champions Codes 2023 (Updated)

In the Roblox Speed Champions game, your character will speed up by gaining steps. This speed helps you to beat the opponens in races. You will earn gems after winning the races and they can be used to purchase trials and pets. Upgrade your boots by selling the coins and make your way to the game’s leaderboard. 

Active Codes

65klikesUse it to get the Cookie Dog, Legendary Pet
AutoTrainUse it to get a 10 min boost
CoinsssUse it to get a lot of coins
F2TMUse it to get the Fraser2TheMax Pet
FreeGems500 Gems
FridayUpdateUse it to get Coins and also Gems
FrostyUse it to get Coins and gems
GemsssUse it to get a lot of gems
GodlyUse it to get Coins and gems
kenbenoobyUse it to get Coins and gems
MegaboostUse it to get a Gem Boost (NEW)
NewUpdateUse it to get a 1 Hour Coin Boost (NEW)
QuestUpdateUse it to get
ReleaseUse it to get Coins and gems
SpeedChampionsUse it to get a 1 Hour Gem Boost (NEW)
SpeedyBoiUse it to get a 10 min boost
SpeedyGangUse it to get a lot of coins and also Gems
Sub2AustinChallengesYTUse it to get the AustinChallengesYT Pet
sub2cdtvUse it to get the CDTV Pet
sub2defildplaysUse it to get the DefildPlays Pet
sub2grumpygravyUse it to get the GrumpyGravy Pet
Sub2JoJoCraftHPUse it to get the JoJoCraftHP Pet
Sub2RazorFishGamingUse it to get the RazorFishGaming Pet
sub2RussoPlaysUse it to get the RussoPlays Pet
Sub2SCHIZELpopsUse it to get the SCHIZELpops Pet
Sub2SkipperUse it to get the Skipper Pet
sub2SnugLifeUse it to get the SnugLife Pet
Sub2TelanthricYTUse it to get the TelanthricYT Pet
sub2thecookieUse it to get the TheCookie Pet
Sub2ToadBoiGamingUse it to get the ToadBoiGaming Pet
TrainingModeUse it to get a 10 min boost
UpdateWednesdayUse it to get a 10 min boost

Expired Codes

10KLIKESUse it to get the 10k Likes Pet
FreeGemsCoins And Gems
FridayUpdateCoins And Gems
FrostyCoins And Gems
GodlyCoins And Gems
ReleaseCoins And Gems

How to Redeem codes in Roblox Speed Champions ?

Follow the steps below to redeem the codes in Roblox Speed Champions:

  • Open the game and find the Twitter button on the left side of your screen.
  • Tap that button to open up a new window.
  • Input your code in the “Enter code here” text box. 
  • And click the “Redeem” button to receive the reward. 
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