Scientist Career Guide – The Sims 4

It is a complete Scientist Career information in The Sims 4

The science career has a lot of inventing, and these inventions require materials to make like metals, crystals, elements, and various plants for serums. You have to get these collectables early in your career. You can also buy starter seed packets which will give you a base of ingredients to make serums.

There are a lot of sites around the workplace building that are great for minerals and crystals, and also you can ask your co-worker to give you metal, crystal or a DNA sample. You can also get more materials by analyzing crystals or metals on the chemical analyzer. It will give you a second crystal or metal, as shown in the image below.  

If you use a chemical analyzer to experiment, you will get various elements. Barrowmanting on the chemical analyzer will also help you achieve breakthroughs, and each breakthrough will enable your sim to create a new invention or serum. Each career level will allow you to more breakthroughs, so the first three levels of the career will give you one invention breakthrough, one serum breakthrough and from level 7 to level 10, you will get six inventions and fifteen serums. 

To progress and enhance your work performance, you need to get promoted and to do so; you need to complete the daily task that will correlate to your work performance and pay. You will also need to chat with co-workers for materials and extent analyzing collectables on the chemical analyzer. You can also analyze samples on the microscope, which requires upto fifty tiles, as shown in the image below. 

The daily tasks involve making new inventions and mixing new serums. Serums are potions, and when you drink the serum, it will affect your sim. Once you create new inventions and place them in the workplace, job tasks will require you to use them, like tormenting your fellow co-workers and getting promoted for it. It is the best way to boost your performance because interactions in this career are easy to do. 

There are three bars in the career; when you complete the first bar, you will get a small amount of performance loss and completing the second bar will give you a small performance gain, and three complete bars will give you a large performance boost, as shown in the image below. 

You will find some random tasks where you have to view artworks and explore space. When you advance in your career, you will gain the ability to order your co-workers to perform tasks for you. There will be a big red button in the chemistry lab, so you will get a minor electric shock when you push it. 

The workspace is also a shared space and if you play the career with one sim and plant some plants, play some inventions, and when a different sim starts their career there, all the original objects will not change or disappear. Many inventions will upgrade when you advance in your career and unlock new features, as shown in the image below. 

At level four in the career, when you invent a satellite dish, you need to place it on your lot to get a work task that correlates to it. When you create a serum in the initial stages, it will be classified as untested and unlock the ability to make a tainted version of the serum. 

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