Scp-3008 Overview (Tips and Tricks) – Roblox

This guide will proved you with amazing tips and tricks for SCP-3008 (Roblox). You will also get a brief overview of SCP. 

SCP Overview:

The objective of this game is to survive and to survive only. Some people play for the thrill, some build, and some have fun with their friends or by themselves. There are humanoid entities in all different shapes and sizes in the game, and these are the ones you are to hide from. 

Night and days exist, and the day/night time increases every day. On day 0, day Lasts 6 minutes, and night lasts 5 minutes + Additional 4 seconds every day. Another thing you should know is that more workers spawn every day.

Tip #1

You don’t have to go too high when building. It’ll be harder to survive; getting higher makes your vision darker/harder to see.  

Tip #2:

You should make a panic shelter, so you can escape from the workers even if your base isn’t finished.

Tip #3

When being chased by a worker, suddenly stop to have a worker jump on your head, no longer hitting you.

Tip #4

There is no exit, don’t look for one.

Tip #5

There are weapons (crowbars), but you can’t use them.

Tip #6

Every 15 days, there is either a blood night (Or blood moon) or a foggy day.

In blood nights, workers get faster (2x player sprinting speed), hits harder and more workers spawn that night. On foggy days, the workers will hit you even with the lights on and hit harder (5x More damage).

Tips #7

The food and medkits re-stocks every Monday and Friday.  

Tip #8

The entities (workers) can hear and see you, so be careful when you’re whistling around them at night. 

Tip #9

You can only have four ways points, so you have to be wise when placing them down. 

Tip #10

Game cubes are rare; try your best to find them

Tip #11

When a worker is inside your base, you have to take out a piece of furniture (or your wall) to let the worker leave and wander around the map again.

But you will need to make sure that no one is near the entrance; the worker/entity might chase around.

Tip #12

You have to eat to regain stamina, and bananas refill the best.

Tip #13

The workers work slower on foggy days.

Tip #14

If you have a VIP, you can control almost everything in the game.

Tip #15

I.E Time, number of workers, you can get infinite health, Ability to TP players, know how much longer till night, infinite supplies, etc.

When you reset your character, you turn into a million lego pieces. 

SCP stands for Secure, Contain and Protect, It’s a fictional organization that contains supernaturals that might become a threat to society, and the monsters they catch are named SCP-(Number). In this case, the workers are named SCP-3008-2, and the Ikea itself is called SCP-3008

Tip #16

Workers can see through cracks.

So if your walls are made out of pallets or if you made a wall with gaps, you’ll have workers see you and try to attack you. So you will need to make a roof instead. 

When workers spawn, they fall from the sky, Maybe you’ll have a worker land in your base, and the Game Boys Spawn at the chance of 20%

There are for banners in Ikea, and one is about Bob Ross’s paints; the Banner says the paint is on sale for 100% and got sold out, which is why there are no paints in the game. The creator confirmed this.

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