Secret Island Build Hacks in Minecraft

In this guide, you will find ten secret Island build hacks in Minecraft. These ideas will make your island look amazing. 

Table of Contents

    Palm Trees

    You can build palm trees on an island for a bit of greenery. You must try to build individual trees all around the island. 


    You can add a waterfall on any mountain you want. You just have to remove some blocks from the mountain and ground and then add a water source to make a beautiful waterfall. The waterfall will also help to hide a secret cave in the mountain. 

    Native Hut 

    You can build multiple native huts of different designs and shapes on your island. Decorate it with jungle leaves, vines and customize the floor the way you want. You can also add a campfire inside the hut. 

    Large Bonfire

    If you are on an island, you can use oak wood and oak logs to set up a large bonfire. 

    Fishing Net

    You can build a fishing net using birch slab, camp fire, stone shovel, and cobweb. It will help you to catch fishes. 

    Fish Barrel  

    To build a fish barrel, you will need to dig two blocks on the ground and place spruce wood blocks in them. Place spruce trap doors on the side and add a bucket of tropical fish inside.

    Pig Farm

    You can set up a pig farm anywhere on the island to raise pigs. Add a composter and fill it with carrots and customize the farm with different blocks. You can also link a water source to the farm. 


    Every island must have a dock. You can use oak slabs, spruce fence and other blocks to build a dock on your island. And also place a boat near the dock to travel above the sea. 

    A Place to Relax

    You can have a place to relax on your island where you can just sit and enjoy your time. You can use different blocks to build it, as shown in the image below. 

    Voyaging Canoe

    You can build a voyaging canoe on a river or sea with the help of spruce planks, spruce slabs, barrels, stripped birch wood, spruce trapdoors, spruce fences, and spruce stairs. It looks awesome anywhere in the water. 

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