Shadowverse Reroll Guide


Let’s first define what a “reroll” is. Most mobile games offer players some kind of starting items to help them get a decent start. Rerolling is a method used by gamers to get the best possible starting point. What you’re basically doing is, you are creating multiple accounts and starting over multiple times until you are satisfied with your starting items or in the case of Shadowverse, cards.

Let me help you reroll your Shadowverse account.

Why would you want to reroll?

At the start, you will have 18 card packs. Once you open the packs, you will acquire multiple cards that you can use to build your deck. If you want to build a strong deck, you will need to acquire Legendary cards. Legendary cards are the rarest cards you can get and the chances you will get those cards in the 18-card packs are pretty slim. Consider yourself lucky if you get 3 Legendary cards and that too is still random. You might get Legendary cards but not really the cards you want for your deck. They also cost 3500 vials to create, so it’s pretty time-consuming if you want to obtain them later in the game.

Shadowverse Reroll:

Rerolling is relatively easy to do but the methods are different depending on if you’re using an Android phone or an iPhone.


For Android, it is really easy:
– Go to Settings.
– Go to Apps and select Shadowverse.
– Clear the data.
– Clear the cache.
– Open Shadowverse and you should be starting over as if it was a new account.
– Repeat until you’re satisfied with the cards you got from the starting pack.


For iOS, there are two ways. I want to call them the Safe Method and the Not-so-Safe Method since your iPhone needs to be jailbroken to perform reroll. Why would you want the Not So Safe method? The answer is time. The safe method requires more amount of time since you will need to download the game all over again.

Safe Method:

Delete the Shadowverse app.
– Download it again.
– Repeat as necessary.

Note: If you have a fast internet connection, then I suggest you use this method. You might have some kind of problem using the other method since you are messing with system files.

Not-so-Safe Method:

Go to iFile and navigate your app folder.
– Go to Containers.
– Then Data.
– Then Application.
– Search the Shadowverse application.
– Go to Library.
– Go to Preference.
– Delete or backup com.cygames.Shadowverse.plist (For the U.S. version) or (For the Japanese version).
Repeat until satisfied.

Video instruction:

Alternatively, you can perform a reroll on your PC to make the process a bit faster, if your smartphone is a bit slow to load. You will need an emulator for this. You can either use Bluestacks or Nox. This guy will give the step-by-step process.

How to get the BEST start into Shadowverse by Rerolling!


Shadowverse is a fun and challenging card game but can be a bit frustrating if you do not have the cards you need in your deck. Rerolling is a great way to have a decent deck from the start. If you are a complete beginner, I suggest that you play for a while and get the feel of the game before rerolling to have a better idea of which Legendary cards to aim for.

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