Sifu PC – Combo Guide

Sifu is an action beat ’em up game that features over 150 unique attacks and is inspired by Bak Mei kung fu. When you die in the game, you will magically resurrect at the spot where you die and age several years. Your strikes will become more powerful as you make progress, but you will have less health. 

In this guide, you’ll find all the Combo’s to play Sifu PC Combo.


Crotch PunchW W + LMBPress W W + LMB to Crotch Punch
Snap KickW W + RMBPress W W + RMB to Snap Kick
SweepS W + RMBPress S W + RMB to Sweep
Palm StrikeS W + LMBPress S W + LMB to Palm Strike
Hook InterceptRMB + Spacebar (Hold)Press RMB + Spacebar (Hold) to Hook Intercept
Duck StrikeLMB (Hold)Press LMB (Hold) to Duck Strike
Charged BackfistRMB (Hold)Press RMB (Hold) to Use Charged Backfist
Flowing ClawLMB + RMBPress LMB + RMB to Use Flowing Claw


Lightning StrikesLMB (Post-Parry)Press LMB (Post-Parry) to Use Lightning Strikes
Sharp StrikesRMB (Post-Parry)Press RMB (Post-Parry) to Use Sharp Strikes
Crooked FootRMB (Hold) (Post-Parry)Press RMB (Hold) (Post-Parry) to Use Crooked Foot
Invert ThrowShift + W (Post-Parry or on a Hit Enemy)Press Shift + W (Post-Parry or on a Hit Enemy) to Invert Throw
Directional ThrowCtrl (Post-Parry or on a Stunned Enemy)Press Ctrl (Post-Parry or on a Stunned Enemy) to Use Directional Throw
Khap ChoyLMB (While Running)Press LMB (While Running) to Khap Choy
Slide KickRMB (While Running)Press RMB (While Running) to Use Slide Kick
Chasing StrikesLMB (On a Pushed Enemy)Press LMB (On a Pushed Enemy) to Use Chasing Strikes
Chasing Trip KickRMB (On a Pushed Enemy)Press RMB (On a Pushed Enemy) to Use Chasing Trip Kick


Light Attackx5 LMBPress x5 LMB to Use Light Attack
Push Kickx2 LMB + RMBPress x2 LMB + RMB to Push Kick
Roundhouse Kickx3 LMB + RMBPress x3 LMB + RMB to Roundhouse Kick
Rising Clawx4 LMB + RMBPress x4 LMB + RMB to Use Rising Claw
Heavy Attacksx4 RMBPress x4 RMB to Use Heavy Attacks
Back Breakerx2 RMB + LMB + RMBPress x2 RMB + LMB + RMB to Back Breaker
Raining Strikesx2 RMB (Pause Before Last Attack)Press x2 RMB (Pause Before Last Attack) to Use Raining Strikes
Spin Hook Kickx3 RMB (Pause Before Last Attack)Press x3 RMB (Pause Before Last Attack) to Use Spin Hook Kick
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