Unsouled – Controls Guide

Unsouled is a 2D action role-playing game that gives you a break from repetitive attacks and dodges action. You will challenge yourself with the world of Unsouled.

In this guide, you’ll find all the Controls to play Unsouled.


MovementWASD / Arrow KeysPress WASD / Arrow Keys to Move
Attack, ConfirmLeft Mouse ButtonPress Left Mouse Button to Attack, Confirm
Absorb, Back/CancelF / Middle Mouse ButtonPress F / Middle Mouse Button to Absorb, Back/Cancel
SkillsQPress Q to Use Skills
Unleash SoulEPress E to Unleash Soul
Active SoulRPress R to Use Active Soul
BlockLeft ShiftPress Left Shift to Block
Soul FocusingLeft CtrlPress Left Ctrl to Soul Focusing
DashLeft Mouse ButtonPress Left Mouse Button to Dash
Ghost Move (Dash + Soul Focus)SpacebarPress Spacebar to Ghost Move
Previous Active SoulZ / Mouse Wheel Scroll UpPress Z / Mouse Wheel Scroll Up to Previous Active Soul
Next Active SoulX / Mouse Wheel Scroll DownPress X / Mouse Wheel Scroll Down to Next Active Soul
StopEscPress Esc to Stop
InventoryTabPress Tab to Open Inventory
Auto-ChainCaps LockPress Caps Lock to Use Auto-Chain


ChangeAPress A to Change
Previous Active SoulD-Pad LeftPress D-Pad Left to Move to Previous Active Soul
Next Active SoulD-Pad RightPress D-Pad Right to Move to Next Active Soul
AttackXPress X to Attack
AbsorbAPress A to Absorb
SkillsBPress B to Skills
Unleash SoulYPress Y to Unleash Soul
Active SoulRBPress RB to Active Soul
BlockLBPress LB to Block
Soul FocusingLTPress LT to Soul Focusing
DashRTPress RT to Dash
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