Starbound: How to Recruit Crew Members

Crew members can help you in many tasks and activities, but finding the right crew members and then consequently training them is a tricky task. You can take crew members from any village you like; there is no specific village for choosing crew members. Once you find the crew members, they will give you the quests, and as you complete those quests, you will get a chance of that villager joining your group. There are different types of the crew and you should select a crew that fits your requirement, and then you can train the crew accordingly.


The janitor is absolutely useless, and even it’s mentioned on the wiki. They try to look like as if they are doing something when actually they aren’t. Janitors only increase your crew number without increasing any productivity. And it will be really hard to recruit janitors.


You can also choose soldiers for your crew, and the function of soldiers is obvious: they help you in the combat. If you are battling, all you have to do is tell them to follow you, and they will follow you wherever you go.


Outlaws are similar to soldiers because of the fact that they are for the combat support, however, the way you get them is different. So, occasionally you will get a quest saying that there are outlaws nearby, and you have to go kill them. Well, as you go out and you start attacking them, occasionally, they would put away their weapons, and they will put their hands up and say, “Don’t shoot, please”. So finally you stop shooting them, you put your weapon away, and they should offer to join your crew. Once they join you, it’s very easy to recruit them.


Mechanics are one of the good people that you can have as your crew. So, periodically, I think it’s every hour give or take, but the interesting thing is that the mechanics, when added to the crew, increase your fuel capacity to hundred. That’s the best thing they can do, but you can also take them with you and ask them to fight for you, but I don’t think they will fight as good as soldiers or outlaws. Besides, it is really difficult to recruit them for fighting; on the other hand, they can easily be recruited for mechanical tasks.


The engineer is same as a mechanic, but they are different in one respect. Mechanics can increase your fuel capacity, but an engineer can increase the fuel efficiency. The interesting thing is that when the fuel efficiency is increased, you can travel to distant places with very low fuel. These engineer crew members are perfect solutions for those people who are always looking for solutions to fuel problems. As new ways in the game are being discovered to increase your fuel, therefore, fewer people are paying some significant attention to engineers. But, overall, they are pretty useful.


The function of the tailor is to change the uniforms of your other crew members. It can also change your uniform. Generally, all the crew members are wearing protector uniforms, but with the help of a tailor, you can change the uniform however you like. One important thing worth mentioning – which I should have mentioned earlier – is that different crew members with different functions vary in color. So you can recognize an engineer or a soldier with its color.


The medic provides you passive regeneration while you are on the ship, and when you go down the ship, you can keep that regeneration for about thirty seconds. But, if you bring the medic with you, they don’t appear to do anything. They might, but as far as I have observed, when they are on the surface, they don’t do anything. Doctors can also easily be recruited if they are assigned the function of providing you the regenerative cells.


There are four types of chemists, and you can tell from the vial they are holding. The yellow ones provide the passive effect of the light on the ship, and it continues 30 seconds off the ship. The orange one provides the damage buff while you are on your ship; this means that when you are on your ship, you will continually have the damage buff. The green one is the run speed, so when you are on your ship, you get a run speed boost. You can keep that run speed boost for thirty seconds on the ground. The last one is the blue one and it gives you jump boost when you are on your ship, and thirty seconds after when you leave your ship.

Now as you know about all the different crew members, you can choose any of your choice and then recruit it.

All you have to do is come down at the beak-easy; what you are supposed to do is talk to the guy here. If this is the first time you are meeting him, he will ask you to go and kill dread wing. The dread wing is very easy to fight when you at least have Titanium armor and equivalent weapons. So after you do that and you have three diamonds, you can convert those three diamonds into a doubloon. So finally you have a doubloon.

You can take that doubloon and give it to any of these penguins down here. When you press the menu button by going near to someone, it will ask whether you want to hire somebody for one doubloon. When you hit hire, the person will immediately join your crew. That’s all there is to it.

So the most important thing of all is that you cannot recruit a crew member for something of which he doesn’t have any skill. For instance, you cannot recruit a doctor for fighting. If you will recruit a crew member keeping in mind his skill, it will be easily recruited.

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