Here is a list of ten best rare weapons in Starbound. The list contains ranged as well as melee weapons that are tricky to find, can’t be crafted, and most importantly are destructive as hell. If you are still wielding the candy cane, you might have realized that it’s a boring weapon. Here are the ones that are included in the top ten:

  1. Water Sword

It is a rare and noble looking weapon that works as a regular broadsword. The sword also has a wall of five bubbles that fly out to deal extra damage. The sword is perfect for the situations when you want to keep the other enemies at bay while chopping the heads of those that are right in front of you. Just don’t expect the bubbles to be very precise. They shoot out at uncontrolled and random angles.

  1. Globe Launcher

The globe launcher’s stats are procedurally generated, and it has several ammo variances. For example, there are pink fireballs that are gravity affected shots and roll along the ground. But there are also other colored ones that hang in the air and explode after a while. They also vary in stats quite a bit: for instance, the red fireballs are faster but they have less damage per shot. The green one goes for miles; the only slight problem is that the latest updates may have taken this weapon out.

  1. Giant Worm

The best brewing style weapon introduced in the combat update is the giant worm; its rarity is legendary. It’s also very different from other weapons because it works by worming and twisting its way around and continually doing damages. It will return back to you eventually after doing a lot of damage to the enemies. If you would ask me what weapon to choose, I would suggest the snowy version of this giant worm which leaves behind a trail of killer ice, but that has to be crafted by the arcane and petty rules.

  1. The Bubble Gun

If you are disappointed that you can’t tame the water sword bubbles, now is your big chance. The Bubble gun allows you to throw bubbles with precision. These bubbles don’t do any actual damage, but these are enough to keep your enemy at bay. The problem with this weapon is that most players don’t even consider it a weapon because it has very little destructive capabilities; anyhow, it’s still a weapon.

  1. Slave Sword

This weapon is a sword and a gun both; it’s a sword gun. This gun-inspired-sword is second in terms of legendary rarity. If you don’t know about this, you can recognize it with the help of a purple icon. It’s a procedurally fired gun and people can fire colorful bullets with the help of it. These bullets travel a long way which makes this weapon an excellent choice if you are attacking distant enemies. The melee part of the gun is also very strong. When some enemy escapes and is coming towards you, you can kill him by using the sword.

  1. Cell Zapper

Like the globe launcher, the cell zapper may have been removed from the game in the latest update, which is a shame because the bullets of this weapon can hurt several enemies in a row. It’s another weapon whose abilities are random; this weapon is also appreciated by many players and is number one in the circle. The weapon works in compatibility with the units of direction: for instance, if the enemy is moving, you can also fire the moving bullets. This is extremely destructive weapon and you can trust me on this.

  1. The Flame Thrower

The flamethrower sets everything on fire and produces light in the night like nothing else. It is a legendary rarity weapon according to the in-game description. According to the description, the gun loves the smell of napalm no matter what time of the day. Therefore, it’s a great alternative to the boring old melee weapons. This weapon can go so far as to replace all your other guns. It barely uses any energy when you are firing it, and surprisingly it causes a high amount of damage. Even when this weapon is very rare, I think developers are going to take this weapon away too because of its high destruction capability.

  1. Gnome Gun

This is a rare and silly gun found in miniature-known villages underground. It easily destroys everything and it takes you somewhere over the rainbow. The gun inflicts very little damage but it also uses very little energy. It also makes a darling tinkling sound. You can use this gun for defeating bosses.

  1. The Eye Sword

Like a bubble sword, it makes its melee cover with a strong sheet of bullets. The red gas emitted by this weapon also guarantees to hit things if the weapon is short in range. This weapon is amazing. Its shape is like a smiling red crocodile. If you have this weapon, you are probably going to be the only one with this weapon because this weapon is so rare. Another legendary weapon, the star cleaver could have made the list as well, but as it looks like the less interesting version of the ice sword, I didn’t include it in the list.

The star cleaver sends out a huge planet-shaped blaster and patriotic red white flags.

  1. Pan

The frying pan is not to be trifled with because it’s so much fun to use. It can be quite powerful when you use it combined with other procedural weapons. The usefulness of pan also depends on the difficulty of a particular planet. It makes an outstanding sound when you hit somebody with it. Let’s be honest, this is the least rare weapon on the list, but it scrapes in the list because there is only one place in the game where you can get this weapon. You will have to find the dangerous USCM bunker dungeon, and you will also have to work through a lot of storage to find this weapon. While you are in the bunker, you can also stock up old toilets, space radiators, and chairs; certainly, none of these can be used as weapons, but these things are useful in many other respects.

For the lovers of melee weapons, other bizarre weapons include a steel chair and a spoon.

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