Here is a list of nine best Stardew Valley mods as of today. I don’t claim that these will remain the only ones; there are new mods being introduced day by day, and I have tried my best to include the latest mods in the list.

  1. Show Item Price by CJB

This mod tells you about what items you can sell in your inventory, both individually as well as a stack. It also works for items in your chest, of course. It’s extremely simple and useful especially if you are trying to plan ahead or if you are debating whether or not to sell a certain item. This mod will tell you the exact price of different items when you can’t or don’t feel like visiting the store to check how much they are offering for that particular item.

  1. Easier and Harder Fishing

Easier fishing and harder fishing are two different mods developed by the same person, so I decided to place both in the same category. These two mods dramatically increase or decrease the fishing difficulty in the mini game by increasing or decreasing the speed of the fish that you are trying to catch. This mod is perfect for those who are having some hard time catching fishes. In some situations, harder fishing can get pretty frustrating, so when it happens, you can use this mod.

  1. Display Grid

Display grid is another simple but very helpful mod. Addition of a grid overlay to the map can help you plan your layout effectively and makes it very easier to figure out the range of your scarecrow, which is pretty good.

  1. Time Speed Mod

Next, we have the time speed mod which lets you increase or decrease the clock’s speed simply by modifying a number and an included file. Seven seconds in real life is usually ten minutes in the game, but with the help of this mod, you can make the clock tick ten minutes in the game within two seconds in real life only. I don’t know why any sensible person would do that because there is never enough time in the game, but that’s alright because just as easily you can slow down time as well. Right now I have 10 minutes set to go by 14 seconds, effectively making the time pass by half regular speed.

If you feel you want to lose all the control of your life, why not set the time slowly as in real life. The choice is all yours.

  1. Freeze Inside

Freeze inside has nothing to do with temperature, instead, it freezes time whenever you are indoors. The imminent danger of escaping another 10 minutes remains always in the mind whenever one is playing the game, but not with this mod. It works in every building and you can set it so that it freezes time when you are in the mines as well.

  1. Inventory Rotator

Inventory rotator is something that I’m surprised hasn’t been coded into the actual game yet. It simply lets you cycle through the rows in your inventory just by pressing Tab. I only have two rows, so that is all I can cycle through in this case, but if I had a third one, I can bring that as well. I am pretty sure that this function will get added to the game soon enough because it is a highly functional thing, but until then you can enjoy this mod and keep on using it.

  1. The Social Editor Mod

The social editor menu is bit of a cheating mod, but it depends entirely on how much you decide to use it. You can bring it up with the press of a button and it will show you how many relationship points you lack for a better term with any character. It can also tell you where a particular character is at any given time. It’s kind of creepy, but it’s really helpful if you want to give them a gift and you can’t find them anywhere. Not only that, it also allows you to add or remove points at your will, so you can effectively get married to someone on day one of the game. That is the more treaty part of the mod.

  1. Stamina Regeneration

Stamina regenerator regenerates your energy over time. You can also see how quickly it does that in the mod file. In this example, I have set the increase in stamina by one point which basically makes it infinite. Combine it with the time speed mod and you are guaranteed to be the most productive farmer in the entire game.

  1. Smart Mod

The smart mod explains variety of tweets; it can show your stats such as health, speed, and farming level. You can hide anything in the control panel, and which you can bring again by pressing F1. It lets you stash multiple items by simply clicking on them and pressing tab. You can also stack your items together by pressing your spacebar. Additionally, it can move the entirety of your chest to your inventory and vice versa, by pressing Ctrl + Shift or Ctrl + Tab respectively. Lastly, it can control all the movement if you are playing with the help of keyboard or mouse. Simply double press any of the direction keys and watch your character walk forever. It’s an outstanding mod, and I am very happy I have this.

These are all the latest mods that are yet available for the game. It is expected that few of these mods will be added to the game originally, and there will be no need then to install these mods. But until then, you can enjoy all of them.

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