Street Fighter: Duel Characters Tier List

Street Fighter: Duel is a role-playing game where you need to form a team of three fighters to confront opponents. There are more than 30 characters and each one has its own character cards. The enemies range from other fighters to cyborgs, to street thugs, to Shadaloo agents and soldiers. 

All the characters in Street Fighter: Duel come with unique abilities, so picking up the right character is very important. Our character tier list will let you know which characters are the best or strongest and which ones are less competitive.

S Tier Characters

The S Tier characters are the most overpowered in the game, and they can significantly impact the competitive aspects of gameplay. 

Gentleman Cody, Guile, Mad Ryu, Poison, Juri, Oni, M. Bison, and Gouken.

A Tier Characters

A Tier characters are considered one level below the S Tier characters but are still very effective within the game. 

Rufus, T. Hawk, Yang, Sagat, Rose, Akuma, C. Viper, Elena, E. Honda, Evil Ryu, Gen, El Fuerte, Dhalsim, Cammy, Balrog, Red Lotus Fighting King Ken, Vega, Yun, Chun-Li, and Ryu.

B Tier Characters

B Tier characters are typically less effective, or more limited in their capabilities compared to characters in higher tiers. 

Seth, Sakura, Cody, Makoto, Rolento, Ken, Dan, and Ibuki.

C Tier Characters

The C Tier characters are not as dominant as those in the upper tiers. 

Dan, Sakura, Blanka, Hugo, Hakan, Decapre, Adon, and Sakura.

D Tier Characters

D Tier characte rs are generally considered the game’s weakest or least effective characters. 

Guy, Fei Long, Zangief, Dudley, Cody,  Dee Jay, and Abel.

We have covered every character in our guide, so that is all there is to say about the Street Fighter: Duel tier list.