Cosplay for the Street Fighter games is always great to behold. With a wide range of unique characters and great costume designs it’s no wonder that Street Fighter fans are always prepared to dress as their favorite characters, including new ones yet to be played!

From everyone’s favorite Brazilian newcomer to rumored returns, here are some of the best cosplays of Street Fighter V characters!


Vanessa Wedge

Vanessa Wedge is a girl of many talents: musician, model, cosplayer. You can check out her other cosplay outfits and shop on her personal website and through social media.

Home from Vanessa Wedge CosplayModel, vocalist, bassist, cosplayer, seamstress. A multi-talented girl inspired by video games, sci-fi, fantasy, and fashion. This is where I sell my prints and original creations.


Tali xoxo

Selling her cosplay outfits online, the cosplayer known as Tali xoxo is busy young lady. Check out her takes on Quiet from Metal Gear Solid and her female Vega!


Kitty Lappin

From Scotland, Kitty is likes to have fan input and suggestions for her next projects. You can collaborate with her on her cosplay through her Patreon account!

Kitty Lappin is creating CosplayPatreon is empowering a new generation of creators. Support and engage with artists and creators as they live out their passions!

Chun Li


Enji Night


Enji Knight is a cosplayer from Budapest, Hungary with work from Supergirl to Chun Li and when not in cosplay she works as a model and likes to game.

R Mika

This R Mika cosplay is a knockout and is the work of m9cosplay, a photographer from the U.S.
Marcus Nyne, or m9cosplay, has additional work available on DeviantArt.

Fei Long


Rumored to return in Street Fighter V, Fei Long looks like he’s ready to kick butt

Updated: Fei Long mentioned in the latest Street Fighter 5 trailer, face appears on bus advertisementUpdated: Thanks to EventHubs user era and DeboGreene on Twitter, we have added two screenshots that actually show Fei Long’s face on the bus advertisement …

Fei Long – Street Fighter by LeonChiroCosplayArt on DeviantArt




When not dressing as Cammy, Tali xoxo looks great as a female Vega! A girl with many identities…

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