“Swiss Army Strife” Trophy Guide – GTA San Andreas

It’s a complete guide for the “Swiss Army Strife” trophy in Grand Theft Auto San Andreas. It will provide you with everything you need to know about the trophy. 

You can see the current skill level of every weapon in the stats menu or use the quick stats menu to check the level of the weapon you’re holding.

Several weapons have three skill levels: Poor, Gangster, and Hitman.

The Gangster level allows you to fire while moving, while the Hitman level unlocks the ability to wield two weapons simultaneously.

This ability is available only for the Pistol, Sawn-off shotgun, Tec-9, and Micro SMG.

Both Levels will also improve lock-on range, accuracy, rate of fire, and strafe speed.

Tec-9 and Micro-SMG share the same Weapon skill stat (Machine Pistol).

You can only Improve the skill of these weapons:

It is advised to complete the Ammu-Nation challenge first to obtain a one-time boost for pistols, Machine Pistols, shotguns, and Ak-47.

While it’s possible to start the challenge after completing the mission Doberman, It’s only after completing Yay Ka-Boom-Boom that the last weapon challenge becomes available.

However, there are other methods to increase the skill of each weapon.

You have to park one or more vehicles inside the garage of CJ’s family house in Grove Street, Los Santos.

Move away from the garage door and start shooting the cars until they smoke or burn.

After that, you will need to walk away to close the garage door to repair the vehicles.

Avoid blowing up the vehicles; otherwise, you will raise your wanted level.

You have to repeat the process till you reach Hitman level.

If you’re not in a rush, you will need to complete the mission Homecoming to unlock again the ability to take over turfs in Los Santos.

You are practically guaranteed to have enough enemies to kill that you can level up every weapon to the max without getting a wanted level.

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