Sword And Shield Combo Guide – MHRise

This guide will provide you all the details about sword and shield combos. 

SNS (Sword And Shield) Is Easy to learn, Hard to Master. It’s Been a staple but an under-used weapon in the MH series. However, it is one of the most Beginner-friendly Weapons. 

Let’s take a look at some SNS Combos. Basic Combo 1: Ls(Front)+A->A->A->X+A.

Last time: LS(Front)+A->A->A->X+A. You can use this combo to stun the monster quickly.

Basic Combo2: Ls(NeutraA->l)+->AA.A->AX+

Again: Ls(NeutraA->l)+->AA.A->AX+

One more time Ls(NeutraA->l)+->AA.A->AX+A. This combo can be used when the monster is down.

Or a Monster’s stun Resistance Already Built UP.

Perfect Rush: Any Attack->Ls(Back)+A->X->X->X.

Again: Any Attack-> Ls(Back)+A->X->X->X. The Input timing is tight, so it’s best to practice first.

Perfect Rush(Dodge Ver):B->HOld A->X->X->X.

Again: B->Hold A->X->X->X. This Combo also Takes Practice to pull off, Its power will be increased if X is pressed at Red flash.

Advance Combo: A->A->A->X+A->Ls(Back)+A->X->X->X->A.

Again: A->A->A->X+A->Ls(Back)+A->X->X->X->A. You can use this combo when the monster is down or has a big opening.

Last time: A->A->A->X+A->Ls(Back)+A->X->X->X->A.

In MH Rise, Perfect Guard is Introduced for SNS. Namely, it’s guard slash adding guard point effect.

Press ZR+A, and you will see a blue aura around your hunter. You will need to do it right before a monster attack triggers a counter.

You can perform it from sheathe; it’s a great opener. And you can also press X Right after a successful Guard.

That can chain you into a Perfect Rush. It can only Guard Against weak Attacks. It Doesn’t work when the monster attack has knockback. It could work wonders with guard-up skills in the future.

Now let’s have a look at Sns Silkbind skills.

Falling Shadow Combo: Zl+x->Hit Monster->A. In Addition, It’s a very good anti-air combo too.

One more Time: ZL+X->Hit Monster->A.

Last but not least, the windmill is a power opener skill.

It offers a Generous iframe Along with multihit Dmg. By using it, you can go quickly into Wyvern Riding.

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