All Secret Quest Item Location – Roblox King Piece

This guide will show you all the item locations of the special quest in Roblox King Piece.

The first special quest is at the Start island.  

You can repeat all the special quests as much as you want but item spawning will take time if you are on the same server.

You will automatically get the reward when you collect the last item on your quest. 

The next quest is at Rocks; it requires level 500+ to take the quest. 

There are five diamonds on this island.

The next quest is at Desert island, and it requires level 625+ to take the quest.

Sadly there are only two quest items on this island, and it takes to respawn.

The last special quest is at the Bubble island; it requires level 750+.

The key is so small that’s why it’s difficult to spot. 

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