Tactical Combat Department – Controls Guide

Tactical Combat Department is a tactical turn-based strategy game. It is inspired by Swat games and offers turn-based action with classic action points. The players will need to command a special intervention squad that will engage the enemies in various environments and situations. 

In this guide, you’ll find all the Controls to play Tactical Combat Department

Open helpF1Press F1 to Open help
Unit Selection, Move, Use ActionsLeft Mouse ButtonPress Left Mouse Button to Select Unit, Move, Use Actions
Rotate Camera View or Cancel Fire / Grenade ModeRight Mouse ButtonPress Right Mouse Button to Rotate Camera View or Cancel Fire / Grenade Mode
Unit View PositionMiddle Mouse ButtonPress Middle Mouse Button to View Unit Position
Camera Zoom In/OutMouse WheelPress Mouse Wheel to Zoom In/Out Camera
End TurnSpacebarPress Spacebar to End Turn
Move CameraW, A, S, DPress W, A, S, and D to Move the Camera
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