The Atmosphere Deck _ Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Links Guide

Summon The Atmosphere with the best cards together in this featured deck. By using a set of Insect-Type Support cards, activating the Atmosphere’s special effect is possible. Let’s duel!

Deck Overview:

This deck primarily supports the main card, The Atmosphere. It is designed to summon this Ultra-Rare card in the field to eliminate your opponent. Along with some of the most useful units in the game, gaining that win will help you out climb in the rankings.

Special thanks to AppMedia for this deck!

The Deck:


The Atmosphere X3
Sphere Kuriboh X2
Cocoon of Evolution X3
Beetron X1
Skull-Mark Ladybug X3
4-Starred Ladybug of Doom X2


Secret Pass to the Treasures X1
Multiplication of Ants X2
Gravelstorm X2
Windstorm of Etaqua X1

Other Recommended Cards

Release Restraint Wave
The Spell Absorbing Life
Quill Pen of Gulldos

Key Cards:

  • The Atmosphere – Its special effect will help you win and counter combos. Creating different strategies along with the cards intact is highly possible, especially with the Secret Passage to the Treasures.
  • Multiplication of Ants – Will help you summon the Atmosphere on the field faster.
  • Destiny Draw Yami Yugi – Used to draw a card of your choice from your deck.• Draw Sense: High Level Seto Kaiba – Will allow you to draw a random Level 5 up monster in your deck.

Ideal Deck Strategy:

Cast an Insect-Type Monster on the field for you to trigger and activate the Multiplication of Ants special effect. Banish the Army Ant Token and the tributed Insect-Type Monster in the Graveyard. Summon the Atmosphere after.

Note: By having the Multiplication of Ants card, attaining the condition to summon the Atmosphere is possible in just a single turn.

Equip a monster through The Atmosphere. Once equipped, use the Beetron’s ability to special summon a monster from your graveyard. This summoned beast will be in defense position. Summon the second body of the Atmosphere in this phase.

Set the Secret Pass to the Treasures and activate it with the Atmosphere. Attack the enemy directly by stealing their monster’s ATK and DEF with the Atmosphere’s ability. Of course, if multiple monsters are on the enemy’s field, choose the strongest ATK ability to severely damage their LP.

Once you formed the right cards, winning is easy but remember that the summoning conditions are a bit difficult. So deciding whether you will attack or defend depends on your instinct and situation.

Good luck! Happy dueling!

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