The Best Eggs to Acquire – Roblox Adopt ME

Roblox Adopt Me! allows players to adopt and care for a variety of virtual pets. These virtual pets hatch from eggs, and similar to pets, eggs are classified into different rarities. As eggs are the main way to obtain pets, players have to choose eggs carefully to acquire the required pets. In this mini-guide, you will have a look at the best Eggs available in the game. Without further ado, let’s dive in!

The Cracked Egg

A common rarity egg, the Cracked Egg is available for 350 Bucks in the Nursery. Its appearance features a brown-colored eggshell and a crack on top. The edges of the crack are jagged, and the white part of the egg is visible. The Cracked Egg has the highest probability (45%) of hatching into a Common pet and the lowest chance (1.5%) of hatching into a Legendary pet.

The Cracked Egg requires four tasks to be completed to hatch. Alternatively, players can use the hatch Now pass available for 45 Robux. The Cracked egg can also be obtained via Daily Reward. If the player logs in thirty days consecutively, they’ll receive a free Cracked Egg. It is also the least expensive egg available in the Nursery.

The Diamond Egg

The Diamond Egg is a legendary tier egg and can be obtained from the Star Rewards. The egg has a 100% chance of hatching into a legendary pet. There are three possibilities; Diamond GriffinDiamond Dragon, and Diamond Unicorn. Players have a 33.33% probability of getting any of them.

The Diamond Egg’s appearance is oval-shaped, sporting a unique turquoise, blue color. Similarly, the three possible pets hatching from this egg are colored metallic blue during the day, but at night the color becomes darker blue and non-metallic. The Diamond Egg also dons a more royal blue color at nighttime.

To obtain the Diamond Egg, players must first acquire 660 stars in the Star Rewards and claim the Golden Egg. Claiming the Golden Egg will reset the stars to 0. Players will then have to obtain 660 more stars in the Star Rewards, and after reaching a total of 1320 stars, the Diamond Egg will be unlocked.

The Ocean Egg

A legendary tier egg, the Ocean Egg is obtainable for 750 Bux and is still available from the Gumball Machine in the Nursery. Although the Mythic Egg has replaced the Ocean Egg since August 2021, it can still be obtained by trading.

The Ocean Egg has the highest probability (35%) of hatching an uncommon pet. The Ocean egg is a dark blue-colored egg with dark green sea kelp on its underside. Also known as the Sea Egg, it features a yellow starfish on the top left side of the egg. On the launch of this legendary egg, the Nursery was filled with ocean-themed decorations such as coral and seaweed. The Nursery remained flooded until the release of the Mythic egg.

Players can acquire all rarities of sea animals, including StingraysCrabsDolphinsNarwhalsSea HorsesClownfishesOctopuses, and Sharks.

The Jungle Egg

Another limited legendary egg, the Jungle Egg, replaced the Safari Egg and was replaced by the Farm Egg. It cost 750 Bux and was available in the Gumball Machine in the Nursery. The Jungle Egg can now only be obtained through trading.

It appears as a brown egg with twigs attached to the top and sides. On the underside of the egg, there’s a green vine with a few leaves growing on it. The Jungle Egg is one of two eggs that don’t hatch into a common pet. Instead, it hatches into one of the following CapybaraBlack PantherRhinoBrown BearPlatypusCrocodile, or Parrot.

The Golden Egg

A part of the Star Rewards, the Golden Egg is a legendary tier egg and can be obtained in one or two ways. The first is by logging in daily to collect the Stars until the player has reached 660 Stars (180 days). The second method is trading. Like the Diamond egg, the Golden Egg has a 100% chance of hatching a legendary pet.

There are three possibilities for the hatched pet; Golden GriffinGolden Dragon, and Golden Unicorn. It gives the user a 33.33% chance of landing either. The pets from the Golden Egg are a shiny gold color, but during the night, the pets are less shiny and have more of a plain color.

The Royal Egg

A non-limited legendary egg in Adopt Me, The Royal Egg is priced at 1,450 Bucks and is the most expensive permanent egg in the game. It is obtainable either in the Nursery by Sir Woofington or players can obtain it via trading.

The Royal Egg resembles the starter egg with one huge difference. There’s a Crown of red and gold on top of the egg. The Royal Egg requires six tasks to be completed to be hatched. Alternatively, players can buy the “Instant Hatch” game pass for 45 Robux to hatch the egg immediately.

The Royal Egg has no common rarity animals, instead having 25% Uncommon, 37% Rare, 30% Ultra-Rare and the highest of legendary probabilities at 7%. The pets include PoodleCamelDonkeyZebraParakeetDragonflyAlicorn, and Ancient Dragon.

The Christmas Egg

A limited-legendary egg, The Christmas Egg was obtainable during the Christmas event. The Christmas Egg is a brown egg adorned with pine boughs, colored ornaments, and a yellow star. Acquiring a Christmas Egg requires purchasing a Christmas Gift or a Golden Gift for a 30% or 80% chance of receiving a Christmas Egg, respectively.

As the Christmas Event is over, players can only obtain the Christmas Egg by trading or opening any unopened Christmas or Golden Gifts. The Christmas egg allows players to acquire one of the following pets RobinWolfSwanPolar BearArctic Fox, and Arctic Reindeer.

Ironically, the Christmas Egg and the Cracked Egg have the same percentage chance of hatching pets of specific rarities. As a nice touch, developers have also added spherical ornaments hugging the egg in blue, green, red, and yellow colors.

That’s all from this mini-guide. Remember to complete the tasks given to hatch your pet and care for your new pet.