How to Find & Get Stone Fast in Rust

In this guide, you will come to know how to find & get STONE FAST in RUST. You have to follow the simple steps in this guide to do so.

You will need to switch over to your rock and start searching for the items on the ground. When you find a medium-sized rock, you need to hit it with the rock in your hand and mine it to get items. You will also find metal ore or sulfur ore, these stones are whiter than others, and you will also find a shining spot on the rock, so you have to hit on that spot from the stone in your hand to mine it and get ore from it. 

There are four different materials you can mine with stone; you need to go to your research table and research metal pickaxes. When you use your stone pickaxe on the rock, you will get 24 points on each hit, and if you hit the star on the rock, you will get 36 points. Using the stone to mine will get 15 to 7 points depending on the star you hit on the rocks.

You have to ensure that the last swing you get with your material is used with a tool because you will get a lot more with this.

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