The Best Stands For Boxing In Yba! | (Your Bizarre Adventure)?

This guide will tell you which are the best stands for boxing in Your Bizarre Adventure. We have listed down the best stands, number 1 being the best.

Top 5: KC

KC is one of the best stand rn and it is probably good with every spec rn, with every spec you can do a one shot combo which is legit op, so yeah but I would recommend kc hamon more than kc boxing.

Top 4: CD

Hm very good combo considering you can inf one shot combo with this combo CD is also a very underrated stand so might want to get this combo.

Top 3:SP

This combo is also a one shot combo, Sp boxing is actually pog I would actually recommend more than sp hamon lol it’s also a fun combo to play with.

Top 2: TWAU

Don’t know if ppl expected this but yeah TW:AU boxing is cancer, so many combos. Combo potential and more. I would recommend this more than twau spin if you don’t want to get bored easily.

Top: 1 KCR lol

Hell yeah, this thing OP KCR hamon is good but kcr boxing is ever greater in a lot of ways. I would really recommend this combo and kcr boxing is a fun combo as well so you can’t get bored of it.


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